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Here’s the set up:

Here’s the pitch:

The drama builds, per The Hill:

“I left today’s Colts game because President Trump and I will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our National Anthem,” the vice president said, first in a series of tweets and then in a full statement posted to Twitter.  

“At a time when so many Americans are inspiring our nation with their courage, resolve, and resilience, now, more than ever, we should rally around our Flag and everything that unites us. While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I don’t think it’s too much to ask NFL players to respect the Flag and our National Anthem. I stand with President Trump, I stand with our soldiers, and I will always stand for our Flag and our National Anthem,” he said.

Unfortunately, the truth has a pesky way of coming out. Peter Alexander is an NBC reporter:

Alexander said, “The president and the vice president had come up with a way that they believe is the best way to communicate this stand, But it’s obviously a divisive issue, with many people insisting these players deserve their right to free expression.”

“Among the questions right now to be answered is, was this a political stunt as many people suggest?” 

“And the bottom line is, is the vice president as a government official allowed to use taxpayer money to fly into a place like Indiana for what many people view as a political stunt?”

That’s only the penultimate bottom line. The real bottom line is that grifters Trump and Pence have been sending out emails to their base to raise money. They were caught yesterday exploiting the Las Vegas shooting and Rachel Maddow got onto their scam last week when she got a copy of the email sent to the base exploiting this very same NFL controversy while Puerto Ricans were dying.

That’s the bottom line. The dotted line is the only line in Trump World. Incidentally, Mike Pence left the football game in Indianapolis to fly to Los Angeles for a fundraiser. Questions in anybody’s mind about the pursuit of profit being first, last and always with Team Trump Pence? This isn’t about a “cultural war” this is about cash.

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