NBA Great Kobe Bryant Dead In Helicopter Crash.


Well, this should put some of the lame bullshit of Donald Trump and the GOP Senate in perspective. A little more than an hour ago, reports started coming out of Calabasas California that NBA great Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash. With him in the helicopter were his 13 year old daughter, her basketball teammate, a parent of the teammate, and the pilot.

The investigation into the crash is just starting, but it is already thought that the weather may have played a role. The weather in the region had been misty and foggy all day, with visibility going up and down, and a light rain falling frequently, according to local reporting.

Kobe Bryant was no stranger to traveling by helicopter, having started commuting by copter from his home in Los Angeles to the Staple Center downtown to avoid the horrific downtown traffic. After his retirement, he still regularly commuted via helicopter from his home in Southern California to his sports center a little over an hour away by air.

With his shaved head, and a dazzling impish smile to match fellow legend Michael Jordan’s, and with the skills to match his brash swagger, Bryant went directly from high school to the NBA, and quickly became a fan favorite. Bryant’s unique first name was a course of self deprecating humor for him, telling people that his father had named him after his fathers favorite dish, Japanese kobe steak. Kobe Bruant was only 41 years old.

I shouldn’t have to write an article like this one. Nobody should.


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Trump will find a way to insert himself into this terrible news by Morning.