Navy veteran smashes GOP opponent after glib comparison between military service and Congress

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The race for election to the House in Ohio’s District 7 this coming November has been very lightly competitive. Incumbent Republican Rep. Bob Gibbs has done all of the things one would imagine a Republican might do. He’s tried to stay away from any meaningful discussion of the issues, while introducing racist red-herring legislation requiring proof of citizenship for voting, to give the impression that he’s somewhat performing a sliver of the duties he was put into office to perform. His opponent is veteran Navy pilot and Democrat Ken Harbaugh. The candidates did an interview with’s editorial board on Wednesday, and according to reporter Seth A. Richardson, everything was relatively normal—until this exchange. 

Harbaugh: Not knowing where I am from because I rose my right hand and swore an oath to the Constitution and then—

Gibbs: So did I.

Harbaugh: I risked my life for that oath.

Gibbs: I swore an oath to the Constitution (unaudible). Apparently we’re risking our life in Congress too, but that’s beside the point.

Harbaugh: You’re going to make that comparison?

Gibbs: I’m not going down that way. No. No, no, no.

Harbaugh: No, please. Leave that on the record.

Gibbs: Thank you for your service.

Harbaugh: You’re going to make that comparison?

Gibbs: No I’m not. It was kind of a joke. Don’t worry about it.

Harbaugh: I don’t think it’s a joking matter, Bob.

You ok, Bob? Sounds like you stepped in a big pile of you’re-full-of-shit. The fact of the matter is that Bob Gibbs was indeed making something of a facetious statement. He was trying to shovel Sen. Rand Paul’s Republican mythological narrative that the political landscape is too severe and dangerous now into an interview with the editorial board. The problem is that people like Ken Harbaugh take things seriously; and those of us actually paying attention to the flaming garbage train wreck of the ruling class know that it isn’t funny. People die because of the selfishness of corrupt politicians. Children go hungry, families are separated and destroyed. Generations are lost.

So, please, Bob Gibbs: Get serious, because we live in serious times, and whether your time in your elected position ends this November, or shortly after, it’s coming to end.

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