It says a great deal when one examines the low expectations one has now for an “acceptable” presidential speech. Nowadays, any speech in which Trump doesn’t commit, or pledge to commit, a crime is a pretty good one. I listened to Trump’s speech on Iran and didn’t notice anything too amiss, which – again – just goes to show where things stand.  Because the net noticed that Trump sounded way more monotone, out of it, detached. He slurred through quite a few words.

Of course nothing will really come of it. But his performance in this speech seems to have brought out some criticism with an edge to it. One cannot ignore the context. It comes a day after a phone call about bombs dropping on (Or near, we find out) US troops. He may have to actually work in this next period, maybe square up and get familiar with the issues.


Every single time Donald Trump gives a major speech, he has the sniffles. This is a discussion that needs to be had. Has any major outlet every asked Donald Trump directly whether he uses Adderall? The American people have a right to know if the president has a drug dependency.

This is interesting. I happen to disagree. I don’t think we have a right to know the president’s prescription drug regiment. That goes down a slippery slope on which I don’t want to step. We do have a right to know that his prescriptions and access to medicines are all being overseen properly, reviewed on occasion, that it is proper, all of that.

If he is “on” a medicine that is not prescribed, well, that is an issue which touches back upon our rights because we do have a right to know if he is physically able to do the job. It also throws us right back into the whole “crime” thing.

Meanwhile, Trump used this speech to both frighten the nation about his substance use, and to explain how it is that everything that is going wrong right now with respect to Iran is because a black guy used to head-up this joint that Trump runs. You know what that means. The last guy made some bad decisions, according to Trump’s speech today. It was a shame.

Actually, that is the part of the speech that stands out. Trump’s hatred for Obama and Democrats deepens by the week. He had to make a half dozen (approximation) snide comments on the last administration versus what he has done. His enmity for Democrats (and especially Obama) far surpasses any for Iran. His feelings about Iran are likely neutral. What can they give him?

There was some good humor that came of the criticism of the speech. It is possible that the dead-flat affect is not due to Adderall, but could be the result of a tranquilizer. The biggest, and most consequential dose ever distributed.

And, eww:

So what does it say about me when all the above occurred, right on my TV screen, but I simply concluded; “that’s how Trump sounds nowadays.” Not once did I find it unusual for a presidential speech by Trump. I note that the most egregious aspect is bringing domestic politics into everything, Democrats are the real enemy, even when we’re considering a war, don’t take your head off the ball. Iran is bad, but not like Democrats.

Imagine being Iran, or any nation that gets hostile with us, and looking to Trump’s actions. Wouldn’t you be dumbfounded hearing him damn his political enemies in the same sentence he damns foes on the international stage. It must be surreal.

We do have every right to an update with respect to his health, and hearing how the damned White House medical office was run, we now have to wonder if Trump has actually been “running it,” and who prescribes what to whom. It looks like Ronny Jackson just worked for Trump and provided the “fantastic genes report” as ordered, like a good employee.

RANT: Am I the only one that had lived with the presumption that the role of the White House physician would be served by some of the best, most competent, sober, serious, young or experienced physicians out there? And yet we hear of missing meds, which even your local ER can manage to overcome, and doctors blind-ass drunk on international trips. IRONICALLY, international trips present one of the few times a presidential doctor is needed at every minute. If the president has an emergency, that doctor has to make a call as to whether the president must seek treatment in that nation, and how much. A US military-hospital plane will be sent, but each call on immediate treatment is made by the president’s doctor. This guy was shitfaced, incommunicado, out of it, couldn’t spell ER if you woke him and spotted the vowel.

How does that even happen?


Trump is decompensating before our eyes. Yes, that is happening. But he retains enough executive function so as to know that the Democrats are the real terrorists on the world stage and he is seriously considering bombing Democrats.

Actually, there is blessedly little news coming out today. We will take the breather.


Peace, y’all

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  1. I have to disagree with you on this one. Generally speaking, we do not have the right to know what meds he’s taking if they’re legally prescribed and/or he’s taking them in legal doses. BUT, if his doctor is prescribing controlled substance excessively because Trump is demanding them, then we absolutely have the right to know that he is hopped up. He is endangering the world while under the influence. You want drunks off the road? We want druggies out of the oval office.

    • Here in Australia and England , France and most of europe a d Scandinavia. We all consider DT the most dangerous man on the planet. This fool will start a war and countries will collapse and economies will crash. All because American politicians are frightened of losing votes. Is there anyone left who trusts God instead of Money

  2. After watching donnie on the news tonight, I told my son he is not ok. He was having trouble reading the prompter slow and careful. He has never been a good speaker. He talks fast, loses his place, repeats himself, sniffs and always blames someone else usually PRESIDENT Obama. Tonight was different. He had no animation with his hands and appeared to have limited movement Not good. As there has been a suggestion by professionals that he has a serious disease that would cause some of these symptoms, I believe we do have the right to ask if he is compromised —- not that we would get a true answer. As Rachel “says put a pin in this”.

    • His pupils were dilated in front of those powerful lights & his skin has an unhealthy color which you can see where the make up isn’t blended well which he apparently can’t see or he wouldn’t look like that. Weird. It’s always been weird but the sniffing, inability to focus. Really weird.

  3. What was that crazy trip to hospital about. Somebody slip him some Hi-Grade stuff and he overdose. What is that stuff narcanon! Didn’t work had to run some in IV!

  4. Just exactly how bad does it have to get? How much worse before 2545? Or does it have to be 2545 and the mob? I give up. What do all the “genius’s” consider an emergency? I mean I just dread whats next, because it’s coming. I don’t believe trump and his mob, and I don’t trust Iran. Why?

    • I am appalled that congress has not yet used the 25th Amendment to remove Trump. We have a mentally ill person running the country. I am more FURIOUS with Congress for NOT protecting our Country from him.

  5. I listened to the clip and agree there was a flat effect to his tone, but not once did I hear any slurring or sniffing. I was thinking, “gee, this is the most coherent I’ve ever heard him.” What am I missing?


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