NASTY police brutality. 75 yr. old man hit by cops to ground, bloodies head on concrete, in ICU.

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This is incredibly disturbing. Cops are hitting unarmed and harmless people, people peacefully protesting, with lethal force.  In this instance, two Buffalo cops shoved an elderly man, a man 75 years of age, with such force and velocity that the man fell to the ground backward and hit his head on the concrete with a loud smack.  He started bleeding from the back of his head and out of his ears profusely. Instead of helping the man after such a life-threatening fall these cops just smirk and grimace, and walk right by as if they didn’t just commit attempted murder or did not just witness an act of attempted murder.

An act of violence that could easily result in the death of a harmless and peaceful 75-year-old fellow citizen.  These cretins leave the man lying on the ground, in a state of what looks like complete unconsciousness, knocked out cold, the back of his head and his ears bleeding strongly, possibly a brain bleed, and none of them rush to his help or are interested to see what happened to the man, instead they just walk by the man as if nothing happened, as if a fellow citizen isn’t in danger of dying before their very eyes, just so they can do “battle” against other protesters because they committed the violent act of “violating a curfew”.

They leave the man to bleed to death, none of them go over to provide medical assistance or even humanitarian assistance.   I am sorry, I KNOW not all police are bad.  But for at least a dozen of these sub-human scumbags to just completely ignore what just occurred in front of their eyes, what obviously, per the video, amounts to attempted murder, and not do a thing about it, during or after the deed, is utterly disgusting.  Have cops lost it completely?  Do they feel like cornered animals, with people not exactly liking the lot of them, so they must show their toughness by nastily attacking elderly citizens, young women, viciously?

The 75-year-old man is now in the ICU and may not survive this.

Buffalo Police Pushed Over A Man In A Graphic Video

Graphic video shows Buffalo, New York, police officers pushing an elderly man back while enforcing curfew, knocking the man over and causing him to hit his head on the sidewalk and bleed from his ear.

The short, but shocking video was captured by local NPR station WBFO, and it quickly went viral after it was posted on Twitter.

The video shows the man approaching as dozens of police officers — all wearing full riot gear— look to be clearing Niagara Square in Buffalo to enforce the city’s curfew.

The unidentified man walks up to one officer while pointing to another officer with his cell phone in hand.

Seconds after he approaches, officers can be heard yelling, “Move!”

Officers are then heard chanting, “Push him back! Push him back!”

Wow.  Police mob yells “Push him back! Push him back”, and two of our “finest” comply immediately.

The two officers are then seen shoving the older man back, and one of the officers uses his baton to push the man backward.

The man takes several steps backwards, then falls over backward, his head audibly smacking against the sidewalk. He is then seen laying motionless on the ground with blood coming out of his right year.

“He’s bleeding out his ear,” someone can be heard saying.

Local ABC affiliate WKBW reported that a spokesperson with the department originally reported the man was injured when he “tripped & fell” — without mentioning any police involvement.

The video, however, shows the man tripped after he was pushed by the officers.

Uh, yeah, nice try.  The man was injured when he tripped and fell.  WTF?  He was pushed with violent, deadly, force and as a result, fell backward and hit his head on the concrete.  What about that was “tripped and fell”?


“One person was injured when he tripped & fell”.  Right away covering up their police brutality, pretending that people just trip over themselves and get injured as a result.  If that NPR team hadn’t shot the video THAT would be the official story coming out of the department.  You see, the problem is NOT just that too many cops are nasty, racist, murderous, lunatics, but also that they can be just that while enjoying the full cover of their departments and colleagues who are not quite on their level of callous murderous instincts but who are a big part of the problem by “circling the wagon” around their accused fellow officers and defend, beyond reason, that all-important “blue honor”.  That allows cold blooded murderers to roam free until they are finally caught on video by a citizen or, as in this case, a news crew.  All of the sudden THEN they suspend, without pay, and promise full investigations.

Video also shows the officer who pushed the man with a baton begin to kneel down, but another officer behind him pulls him up and pushes him to keep walking down the sidewalk.

Video: Watch Buffalo PD Shove A Man To The Ground For No Reason & Keep Walking While He’s Unconscious And Bleeding On Pavement; Cops Says He Tripped And Fell

This is just downright disturbing, no, past disturbing to the point I don’t even have another word to describe it.

Foul, disgusting, horrible, frightening, alarming. That’s another 5, I guess I lied.

We have another video of police abusing their power, this time, video comes in from Buffalo. In this clip, a man was violently shoved to the ground by police officers, hitting his head on the pavement in the process. Police then proceeded to continue with their march towards the protesters, ignoring the man’s injuries and leaving his unattended, unconscious body on the ground.

Buffalo’s mayor offered a late update:

The 75-year-old man was on Thursday night in a hospital in serious, but stable condition, Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown said in a statement. The city’s police commissioner has also ordered an investigation into the incident and suspended the two officers without pay pending its outcome.

“I was deeply disturbed by the video, as was Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood,” he said.

About an hour later NY Gov. Cuomo chimed in:

Remember, a man being brutally shoved onto a concrete floor with force that can only be described as lethal, would have just been reported as “oh, yeah, someone tripped and fell and got injured”, nothing to see here.   Only the fact that a news crew shot a video to contradict the official Buffalo PD story/cover made it possible for a look at the reality that is happening all over the country, and we’ll see if this brutal action, what most reasonable people would call attempted murder, will result in any action being taken, any charges being filed, and ultimately any resulting repercussions for the perpetrators and their enablers around them.

Got  no video?  Nothing to see, folks, clear the area.  That guy over there lying on his face, bleeding profusely, unconscious?  Nah, he just tripped over his own feet, that goofball.  We’ll take care of him, alright, move along now.

Oh, and if some think this is an isolated incident, it is not.  This type of thuggery is happening all over the country where protests are occurring, it is just that sometimes the vicious, nasty, attacks from police goons happen so fast that there is no video capturing it, so they get away with it.  Another example where video captured massive police brutality on an almost lethal level is here:

I am disgusted by the police in general now.  “Protect and Serve” is no longer their slogan.   Again, I know that there are a lot of good police, but they fail in their obligation to speak up against the racists and thugs in their midsts, choosing instead to protect them from prosecution, giving them glowing character testaments, and lying on their behalf, even in court, to protect one of “their own”.  That makes even the supposedly good ones a big part of the overall problem.

We need police reform NOW!

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Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

Now if a protestor took their baton away and bashed their heads in, the people would be wrong. It will stop or they will get what they give out.

I have been so freaking mad at all this Police Brutality. There is another video of an elderly man standing at a bus stop and they pushed him down along with his cane. Shocking brutality. My hatred of the police grows by the day. It’s like a national call went out to every police station and they were told to be brutal. And the video of them repeatedly tasing a woman on the ground. It just makes me sick. Why is it only ok for white nationalists with AR15’s to protest? I don’t see the Police going after them. They… Read more »
chris whitley
chris whitley

This is just beyond belief. They should go down. What were they afraid of with him. He didn’t even have a cane or any other weapon. And I seen where the whole squad quit. Well don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

Mick owens
Mick owens

As an Aussie watching all this, i cant believe whats happening to your country. If you dont get rid of trump and his cronies, America will be a smoking ruin…its just sad really