We know that Donald Trump is the Prince of Projection. Whenever he’s accusing somebody else of doing something, it’s because he’s doing it. Trump’s latest slur on Joe Biden is that he’s taking some kind of drugs — well, you take a quick look at the Nevada rally and see who’s on drugs. A swollen faced, nasal Trump slurred his way through the entire speech. He was in as bad, or worse, shape tonight than he was at West Point.

The speech was such a travesty that even Fox News didn’t air it. They opted for a show on how singing Happy Birthday causes coronavirus, instead. (God, I wish I could make this stuff up. I’d be running Hollywood.)

Here’s Trump dumping on Democratic governor Steve Sisolak. The thread is by political reporter Jon Ralston, who lives in Nevada. Make note, if you haven’t of this already: in the last 30 days of this and any presidential election, you want to listen to the state pollsters and political reporters, more than to their national counterparts. They are right there. They’re following the ground game of the two parties and the most up to date polls.They can give you better and faster insight.

We’re back to Ne-vahhh-duh, are we? That happened in 2016 and didn’t do him any good then. I predict the same will be true in 2020.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Republican congressman hide when a Republican incumbent president comes to his district to campaign for reelection, coattails and all that. But I guess it makes sense if the incumbent is raving about dead birds and windmills.

These are just highlights from Aaron Rupar’s and John Ralston’s threads. Believe me, there was a great deal more batshittery at this Trump rally in Nevada than you want to know about. Again, it is significant that not even Fox News or C-Span carried it.


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  1. The suicide thing made me so damn angry. Bunker Bitch’s Electoral win was unprecedented and goddamn terrifying enough for me to consider suicide. If Biden won, things would be back to Not Crazy and On Fire and I would actually feel safe again. In other words Donald is projecting again.


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