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Donald Trump’s once boring speech has marched into the inevitably ugly space where his heart once was. The rest of us watched this mind-numbing drivel could turn away, text or tweet, turn it off if we liked. But unfortunately, for Speaker Pelosi, she had to sit through the whole thing. Hopefully, she brought a gallon of Purel. Here are some of her great reactions as she channeled the majority of the American people.

There’s more.

As Trump’s never-ending droll continued forward, he walked into a section I will call: the strange (not so strange) attack on Socialism.

At the end of that section, after a conservative standing ovation and a husky white male chant of U.S.A., Pelosi made a face as if to say, Holy shit! How long is thing going to last? She then grabbed at the print out of Trump’s speech and began to do the math that anyone who has been at a long wedding ceremony has done.

Did he say that dumb thing already? 

She spent about 1 minute searching it, hoping she would only have a couple of pages left before her worst duty as Speaker of the House ended. Here’s a nice set of jokes from the Twitterverse.

Oh, Obama.


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  1. No comment on this so called delusional moron. He is so infatuated with himself it is disgusting. He definitely needs to be locked up for all the lying and the corruption he has been involved in for years.


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