Nancy Pelosi is unopposed as House Democrats meet to nominate their speaker

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House Democrats are holding their leadership elections Wednesday, and after all that talk and posturing, Nancy Pelosi is unopposed for the Democratic nomination to be speaker. Once Pelosi went to work, many opponents were won over while others were convinced it wouldn’t be a good idea to go at her too hard. That’s not to say the efforts to drive the Democratic Party to the right are finished, though:

Rep. Kurt Schrader, D-Ore., downplayed the significance of Wednesday’s caucus vote and said the true fight for House speaker will occur in January.

“We’re not going to make a big play of it,” he said. “It’s Jan. 3.”

At that point, the alternative to Pelosi will be a Republican. And no matter how much the #FiveWhiteGuys and the Problem Solvers Caucus claim that they’re looking for Democratic alternatives to Pelosi, the fact is that they don’t have any or they would be coming forward with them today for the caucus vote. That’s why Rep.-elect Jahana Hayes, who had previously said she wouldn’t support Pelosi, said as she announced her support that “Voting against Pelosi on the floor is a vote for the Republican.”

Of course the Pelosi-haters are not exactly building strength as time goes by. They’re failing to pick up the votes they needed even as their existing support is being peeled off, so at this point it’s posing on top of posturing. But we will remember who was involved.

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