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Polls this year showed that the number one issue was health care, and Democrats ran more ads on health care than any other issue. Republicans lied about their history on health care, particularly about their efforts to repeal Obamacare, which would have particularly hurt people with pre-existing conditions. Democrats were able to tell the truth that only they had tried to protect people with preexisting conditions. Democrats were able to tell the truth that the choice this year was between the party that tried to protect and expand access to health care and the party that was trying to take it away. You know why? Because while the Republicans came within a whisker of repealing Obamacare, they didn’t receive one Democratic vote. Democrats stood firm on principle and didn’t give Republicans the talking point that it was a bipartisan effort. Democrats protected people’s health care.

With income inequality a continually growing problem, Republicans passed a tax cut that favored the wealthy. Republicans hoped to be able to use it as a campaign weapon, but it backfired. Polls showed most people understood that the Trump-Republican tax cut benefitted the wealthy and not most Americans. And once again Democrats were able to tie this terrible policy around the Republicans’ necks. You know why? Because once again, a terrible Republican policy didn’t receive one Democratic vote. Once again, Republicans failed to be able to claim that their terrible policy was bipartisan. Once again Democrats honestly could say that they stood up against the Republicans in defense of average Americans.

You want to know why Republicans are so eager to see Nancy Pelosi go? Because she kicks their asses. She held her caucus together against terrible Trump-Republican policies. She led her party to their greatest electoral victory since Watergate. In many districts, Republicans tried to use the scary woman from San Francisco as a weapon to help them nationalize the election. And failed. Miserably. Pelosi raised a ton of money for Democratic candidates all around the country, and despite extreme gerrymandering, led them back to the majority. And now some people want to see her replaced as Democratic House leader? Is it possible to be more politically stupid?

No one is calling for the political heads of the Republican House leadership that just lost their majority. No one is calling for the political head of the Democratic Senate leader who just lost a couple seats, under a brutal Senate map. No one is calling for the political head of the Republican Senate leader who could only manage to pick up a couple Senate seats despite an enormously favorable Senate map. What is it about Pelosi that makes replacing her so necessary? What could it possibly be?

The biggest story of this election was the Democrats’ sweeping wave victory in the House, and their ability next year to be able to check and investigate Trump. Since the election, Trump has been melting down at a level we haven’t previously seen. Which is saying a lot. And somehow some people got it into their heads that Nancy Pelosi needs to be replaced. Yeah, it’s sexist. And yeah, it’s stupid. And that’s why leaders all around the country, from House icons John Lewis and Maxine Waters to union presidents Randi Weingarten, Richard Trumka, and Lee Saunders to activists such as Cecile Richards and Chad Griffin stand behind her. Because at this critical moment in history Democrats need the strongest leaders they can get. And in the House of Representatives, that’s Nancy Pelosi.

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