Nancy Pelosi: “I’m done with him.”

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Welcome to the club, Madam Speaker.  Personally, I was ‘done’ with Trump (as in ‘done giving him the benefit of the doubt’), after Trump’s deplorable behavior towards Putin, during the Helsinki Summit.

Most of America was ‘done with him’ too — when he chose Putin’s word, over the Intel findings of 18 different US Agencies.  At least until that ridiculous, paper-thin ‘walk-back’ about that “would/wouldn’t benonsense — the next day — after all that cross-the-spectrum outrage was registering at a 10 (even over on the Trump TVee network.)

Guess what though, we still have the same imbecilic Putin-butt-kisser, large and in charge of the Nation. And you know what, the top-secret calls and meetings with Putin — STILL continue.   What’s up with that?

Can’t America be collectively ‘done with’ Trump still sneaking around our backs, to get his latest “advice” from the “guy” that helped get him elected?   Isn’t it time America’s Representatives, finally said ENOUGH!  (… in one united Blue Tsunami roar?)

Of course, Madam Speaker, if what you mean by saying that “you’re done with Trump” — is that you are over it, you are moving on, that Trump isn’t worth one more minute of worry …

Well, I would have to beg to differ with such an ‘open and shut’, “per me sei morto” assessment.

Yes, Trump is infuriating.   Yes, Trump is a conniving conman.  Yes, Trump is the brashest of bullies …

But ignoring his “wrongdoingwill not make it go away. On the contrary, ignoring the bully will only make him get stronger.  Will only encourage his lying boasts, that “he has won” again … over his “Loser-enemies.”

Prison is too good for our American disgrace. Public humiliation is what our traitorous perpetual Liar deserves.  To be sent into Resignation, because of all his lies and coverups and double-dealings — becoming as clear as the Mar-a-lago members fees doubling, on an inaugural’s day.

We’d all like to be ‘done with him’ — this butt of so many international jokes … and worse.




G20 Summits were made for this. … Not.

But … “If wishes were fishes, we’d all cast nets.”

The only way a Bully ever backs down is if enough people of good will stand up to him, and hit him where it hurts …

In his big fat ego.  It’ll shatter like glass, given the right kick.  Why would/wouldn’t it?

Won’t you join our fight Madam Speaker?

To apply Constitutional remedies to an Executive who’s gone so far beyond the pale “benefit of a doubt”, time upon tiresome time again …

Weary mid-term Voters are counting on it.    … being done with Trump, once and for all.

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Karen Laakaniemi
Karen Laakaniemi

KICK HIM BELOW THE BELT, let the whining horse’s rear end have its last fart!!


Ok Pelosi, your done with him and so are the American People. It is high time to start getting this nutjob out of office for all the crimes he has committed. We do not need a leader like him in the Oveal Office. He is a disgrace to this country. He has no ethics, morals and his is just a plain low life. Lock him up.