From the Charlotte Observer:

A Fayetteville activist has pressed assault charges against an N.C. Court of Appeals judge, alleging he tried to hit protesters with his car outside the downtown Market House this month.

Myah Warren filed charges of assault with a deadly weapon against Judge John Tyson in Cumberland County on Friday.

Warren said she was holding a Black Lives Matter sign at a downtown Fayetteville demonstration last week. She said she saw a car circle twice, nearly striking her on the second pass.

Warren said the vehicle traveled inside an inner lane painted with a “Black Lives Do Matter” mural and off-limits to cars. Glass confirmed the inner lane where protesters typically stand is closed to traffic but police received reports they had stepped outside.

After jumping out of the way, Warren said Tyson’s car jumped the curb and remained on a nearby sidewalk for two to five minutes. Some approached it, demanding an explanation and asking if its driver was OK.

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