My bestie and I turned 60 within a couple of months of each other, as did her cousin.  We got a bunch of girlfriends together to go celebrate in Charleston in 2015.

Her sister and another cousin on the trip turned 60 this year and we planned a rematch, but COVID.

Bestie decided to at least go herself out to California, and they would have a little family party.

Some jerkoff at her work came to work sick right before she left and she found out when she got to California that she (and half her office and her daughter-in-law) were all down with COVID.

She got what she thought was a painful sinus infection and went to a local urgent care.  Nope!  She had COVID.  She had worked remotely, avoided crowds, canceled our regular Sunday night dinners at her house, masked, and vaxxed.  SHE STILL CAUGHT COVID!    It ruined her California vacation, of course.  No birthday party.  Complete quarantine from her sister’s family.  Just a “mell of a hess”, as they say.

I also did all the above.  I still got COVID, but it was before the vaccine was approved.  I took the vaccine as soon as I could get an appointment.  I have been somewhat less careful since fully vaxxed, but I am very concerned that we are heading into another calamity because of all the selfish, careless jerks out there who are showing a complete lack of concern and care for themselves and others. 

God bless and keep us all.  

Get the shots.  Wear your masks.  Use caution and common sense.

Blessed be!

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  1. Those vaccines will keep you OUT of the hospital even if you do get it. SO GET IT!!! Quit being so self centered and uncaring of others and go get VACCINATED! Do you love your country? Do you love your fellow countrymen? How about your own family? Then GET VACCINATED!!!


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