Well I haven’t written anything for awhile. I thought the war was over. It appears it has only just begun. All these snowflakes have been emboldened by Trump. They see that he got away with it so WTF.

A particular piece of crap is Ron DeSantis. He seems to think he got promoted to God. Well hate to break it to him but he is even an angel unless you are talking about the other direction. It has a tendency to escape everyone but Satan was an angel too. If my Sunday school teaching are correct I believe he was the thirteenth angel. You might notice if you pay any attention that the number thirteen figures prominently in religion. Judas of the last super was the thirteenth participant. Hence unlucky number thirteen. Not really much information here for the subject at hand. Except to say that Ron DeSantis isn’t the first with a God complex and he won’t be the last. And from what’s going around is that he just went into the toilet popularity wise. Good place for him.

Even some democrats coming out on this. This is good And speaking of Democrats and specifically on their inability to seize the moment. Now you take this DeSantis b*llshit. If the roles were reversed you would know if DeSantis ever kicked an animal with pictures and sound. This has never been more important than it is right now.

Democrats need to step up and be a unified front to the republicans hatred for fair and legal elections. Across the country in any state they wield power they are trying to delegitimize elections. Yes republicans are all for free and fair elections as long as a republican wins. This was never more apparent than when we had the big lie of clown trump and his minions crisscrossing the country to try to “find” votes for the orange turd. Since the big baby couldn’t deal with the fact that with record voter turnout his turdliness lost. That must have been a hard pill to swallow. Of course I could care less about his culinary habits. I heard he puts ketchup on steak. What an idiot. All I know is that the republicans have pretty much declared war on a American institution. The right and freedom to choose are on leaders. But one of the problems is that you have a declining republican popularity. Who would have thought, white male, chauvinist, bigot. Seems just about everyone in maybe 25% of our country would qualify. Now you might understand their need to fix elections. They are running out of luck on this issue. The only problem being so are democrats. And this brings up an issue that plagues the Democrats. Their inability to seize the moment and attack the opposition.

Republicans are a very dangerous and dumb group. They go around campaigning on fiscal conservatism. They say Democrats are out of control on spending. That the Joe Biden stimulus package will add trillions to the national debt. Where was this outrage when trump was in power. I’m not certain but I believe his tax break for the rich and his other crap netted us 7.8 trillion to the debt. What Biden proposes doesn’t come anywhere close to that and will put Americans to work in high paying Union jobs. Of course, republicans are talking fast and spreading manure all over this. And that is another tactic of the right. They talk about something until you say alright already, I believe you.

MSNBC Article:opinion; it’s time for democrats to start playing hardball on voting rights.

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  1. The republicans are being led by the Nazi 45th resident. They’re not stupid just insane like their leader. Their actions speak louder than their words. It’s our legal right to vote and the republicans shouldn’t have the right to take that away!


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