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Well, well, well. This is getting interesting, isn’t it? The title of author Michael Wolff’s book, “Fire and Fury” is certainly appropriate. God knows, it’s causing as much death and destruction to the Trump administration. But, as salacious and scandalous as all of these neutron bombs about the alleged inner workings of the Trump White House are, people are missing a very simple point.

Everybody is so busy speculating as to whether or not the juicy allegations in the book are true or not. Team Trumpelthinskin is certainly on its hind legs, crying to the heavens that Michael 
Wolff is as full of shit as a Churchill Downs stable. But in their feeding frenzy in the bloody Trump waters, the pirhanas are chewing on the fingers, but missing the heart.

The core fact to understand here is that it doesn’t bloody matter if the allegations in the book are true or not. I’ve already said it so many times that I know you’re sick of hearing it, but I’ve gotta say it again. Politics is at least as much about image and perception as it is facts.

Ask yourself a simple question. Why does a voter punch the hole for a candidate? It’s likely not because of their name, or their looks, or their political pedigree. People vote for candidates because they purport to believe in and stand for the very things that the voter him or herself already believes in and stands for. That’s why it is so utterly futile to try to reason with a die hard Trump supporter. They are impervious to facts, logic, or actual performance. These people believe in Trump, heart and soul. Nothing is going to turn them from the true light.

When it comes to the war of perception on this issue, it’s already game over for Team Trump. Right ow, the Trump White House is Berlin in April of 1945, all we’re doing is waiting for them to stop shooting and put their hands up. There is a good reason for this. Trump himself is such a despicable shit as a human being that most people are already more than willing to believe the worst about him. And I’m not talking about die hard Hillary or Bernie supporters here, even people with no strong political affiliations have seen enough of Trump to make them at least willing to consider the allegations in the book as being true.

There were two feasible lines of defense for the Trump camp in this situation, facts, and denials. And they failed at both of them. If someone accuses me of running them over with a car, I would normally rely on facts, such as not having any damage to the front of my car, bolstered by the fact that I don’t even own a freakin’ car to disprove them. To the best of my knowledge, the only specific allegation that they have tried to disprove with facts is the frivolous contention that Trump didn’t know who John Boehner was. And even those are weak arguments, since they rely on anecdotes and pictures of Trump playing golf with Boehner before he ran for President, Boehner was already gone from politics by the time Trump was elected. And as for denials, they’re in short supply from the principals named in the book. 
Even Bannon, while he has walked back his lunatic rantings in the book to smooth things over with Trump, has not come out and directly denied any of the statements attributed to him by Wolff in the book. Others have claimed to be misquoted, or misunderstood, but haven’t directly refuted the actual thrust of the quotes. Even Sam Nunberg, quoted by name in the book, admitted on at least two network programs to having called Trump an idiot, qualifying it with a quip about being sure Trump had called him much worse than that.

This is going to be one sided disaster for Trump. Trump supporters are not going to buy this book, but they’re not going to be galvanized to action by it either. Due to Trump’s despicable personal nature, having shit flung at G;orious Leader is just another day in the trenches for Trumpistas. If they got their g-strings all up in a twist every time somebody trash talked Trump, they would be even more incoherent and dysfunctional than they are now.

Likewise, Trump haters will revel in every juicy tidbit of this book. This will be a confirmation to them that they were correct about Trump all along, and everybody likes to be proven right, even if the facts could be in dispute. Like Trump supporters, their reactions to this book are already baked into the cake.

The true danger for Trump are the fence sitters. These are people who don’t have strong political feelings, or automatically believe or disbelieve news about Trump. They are going to read, see, or hear these allegations. They are going to hear talking heads parsing Trump’s mental fitness, usually in a negative light for Trump. And, from the opposite side, they are only hearing the frenzied screeching of howler monkeys flinging their shit around. The hysterical screaming denials they hear, without anything sane to back the denials up, are going to make these people more likely to be inclined to give the assertions of the book some credence. And these are people who might be likely to turn up to vote if they believe their President is an unstable lunatic.

If Trump were capable of learning, this should be a life lesson for him. This is exactly what happens when small, inexperienced children play with matches. Sooner rather than later, their fingers are going to get burned.

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