I was inspired today by several articles here on DK to write my senator, pleading to get on board with our program. With great articles like Jaynie Parrish’s www.dailykos.com/… and Walter Einenkel’s www.dailykos.com/… I felt I had to try to motivate the biggest blue dog in the room.

Dear Senator,
I have voted for you in every election you have been on the ballot. And while I respect your desire to keep every one of your constituents in mind as you debate the important topics at hand, I fear you are playing a bad hand of political poker. By siding with the Republicans in an effort to slow up the progress of direly needed legislation, you are creating a sense of betrayal with every one of us who helped get you elected. We needed you to seize this moment and help pass the agenda that our president and our party campaigned and won on.
You are winning no friends with the republicans either. By now you should know that they are not acting in good faith. There is no such thing as bi-partisanship across the aisle from you. Where was that idea when McConnell ramrodded Amy Coney Barrett through the chamber with weeks to go before the election? You cannot trust that party who just wants power for powers sake. We need you to help us fulfill Lincolns words, by the people, for the people… something that is missing and under threat of disappearing for a long while. Please support HB 1, the For The People Act. We desperately need to crawl out from under the cloud that Citizens United has cast upon our country. Without passing it, do you think you will be able to get re-elected if large swaths of your constituents are disenfranchised?  With the thin margin of victory you had last time, I’d have to say no. No, you won’t. And I don’t want that for you.
I would rather cheer your victories than shake my head and wonder why you are standing as the one vote in the Senate that refuses to play a winning hand. With the wins in the last two election cycles, momentum and history are on our side. This is your chance to help cement victories for every segment of American Society. Have you seen the Republicans working to do that? Remember, it is only your party that is talking about supporting and empowering every group of voters that needs their rights defended. And we have a lot of those in Arizona. For example, https://neaznativedemocrats.org/ worked too hard to get you elected. Without you, their votes will be suppressed. You can’t let that happen!
Your constituents need you to fight for an infrastructure bill too! Now! They will remember the jobs you brought in, the faster internet service that rural Arizona so sorely needs and increased access to help for a lot longer than a stand for an outdated principle like bi-partisanship.  We need progress, victories and jobs way more than we need lip service to a dead idea.
Please, see what’s right. Do what’s right. Help our government pass legislation that helps the people. Time is short and I don’t want to see you end up on the wrong side of history. Your thumbs down gesture on minimum wage has us all questioning what side you want to be on.
Respectfully and with all the best wishes for you,

I hope this helps. Maybe if she hears from everyone with something to lose in this fight, she might start taking our side. You can email her your story here.

And now for the coolest bumper sticker I’ve seen in a long while. I bought it in Flagstaff last weekend.

Why be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic when you could use your privilege to fight for the rights of others?

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