I have been sitting out just kind of watching the action. I have been hesitant to form an opinion on the many sides of the 2020 election. After all we elected Joe Biden and kicked trump out on his brain. I say brain because it’s my fervent belief that a lot of his problems are because he sits on his brain. Oh, you don’t have any idea how bad I want to use slightly different language on that one.

We have all watched the antics of the republicans up till this point and have wondered about this whole idiotic charade. Unless you are part of the forty something percent of republicans, you have wandered how he got away with all this. Let’s face facts. Donald Trump broke the law. Now at this point you might ask what laws he broke. Okay I’m the first to admit that I am not a prosecuting attorney and I really don’t know what laws that were actually broke. What I do know is that you cannot call a person in charge of election integrity and ask them to find 11,000 plus votes so you will have more votes than your opponent. I know there are laws against that. And that’s what set me off this morning. Trump tried to convince election officials in the state of Alabama to change the outcome of the 2020 election. Now you might ask why is this important. It didn’t happen, thank god. And yes I may be a Democrat but I do believe there is some sort of god. I also know that science played a big part in our creation. But enough on that. I just want to dispel a talking point when someone may question my beliefs.

Now back to why we should do something about trump. What he wanted didn’t happen and it was just an isolated incident. We should just pick up our toys and go home. My mother would be like you should just not go over to little Donnie’s house anymore. Now though, this wasn’t an isolated incident. This happened in various forms I believe, although I would have to look it up. But I think it happened seven times. Now that in its self is all the reason you should need to look at. Trump and the clowns he had working for him sought to overturn the elections in seven states. His idea there was to get the congress to throw out the election and have congress decide the vote. This would be done by the house according to the constitution. You know that document that Donnie got the second article out of that gives him the power to do whatever the hell he wants. He then used the rest of the constitution to wipe his rectum.

But we still have the problem of why it matters. That’s a line from Glen Kirschner. One of the things he says is roughly why does it matter if Trump broke the law. I watched a video this morning because I guess he seen either the same article I did, or a similar one. Donald Trump not only committed these crimes but is bragging about it. This happened at a rally in Georgia where he called out the people involved and said they were wrong, or some such crap.

Now if I go out and rob a bank, and then tell everyone I meet afterwords that I robbed a bank. I’m going to be arrested and charged with robbing a bank. And I will probably end up in prison. Now we say in our country that nobody is above the law. Well ask Michael Cohen about that. He went to prison for doing what Trump wanted. In his charging documents they acknowledge that Michael didn’t operate on his own. There is someone called individual one. One case where Trump so far has evaded consequences for his actions. Another argument is that surely he wouldn’t do that again. Well that got thrown out the window because he did the election crimes several times.

And we have the argument that no president would try to do what Trump did. Well just take a look at all the republicans states down south. In one form or another they are all breaking the laws or bending them, whichever you choose. And people are dying. People are being turned away from hospitals with life threatening illnesses that aren’t Covid 19. A famous one was a man that suffered a heart attack. He ended up getting admitted several states away from his home and ultimately died. His blood is on Donald Trumps hands as well as many others. His rhetoric is causing the republicans not to get Covid shots and they are dying because of it.

This in turn is causing the disease to run rampant and evolve into many different forms putting the world at risk. Now it would be difficult to prove Trump is responsible for this. And his rhetoric to his MAGA base is responsible. I just want to see him charged for what he has done. I think he’s guilty as all get out. But that’s only my opinion. He hasn’t even been charged yet. Under our system you are innocent till proven guilty in a court of law. Now I know that Donnie has broken laws in several other cases. I will be looking at those in the coming weeks. When he was president it was one thing. But now he’s not. And justice matters! Thanks to Glen Kirschner.

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  1. You are correct! This criminal has been protected by lawyers and continues his corrupt ways, not only as a pwesident but as a so-called businessman. He has never been convicted. The 2016 election was rigged with Russian Bots and he got away with it. This psycho needs an eye opening or maybe an enema , I meant a brain washing!


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