A White House reporter excoriated Sarah Huckabee Sanders during Tuesday’s White House briefing for casting Donald Trump’s White House as the perpetual victim of fake news.

“If we make the slightest mistake—the slightest word is off—it is just an absolute tirade from a lot of people in this room,” Huckabee Sanders said, adding that news outlets “get to go on, day after day” citing unnamed sources.

Huckabee Sanders’ diatribe from the podium was interrupted by an indignant reporter, Brian Karem, who reminded her that there are actual consequences for reporters who get a story wrong (e.g. three reporters resigning from CNN). Whereas, the White House can just keep on peddling lies and misinformation—as it has consistently done—without any comeuppance at all other than falling approval numbers and ruining America’s reputation around the world. Here’s Karem:

“Any one of us are replaceable, and any one of us, if we don’t get it right, the audience has the opportunity to turn the channel or not read us. You have been elected to serve for four years at least. There’s no option other than that. We’re here to ask you questions. You’re here to provide the answers and what you just did is inflammatory to people all over the country who look at it and say, ‘See once again, the president is right and everybody else out here is fake media.’

And everybody in this room is only trying to do their job.”

As you might imagine, Huckabee Sanders said she disagreed “completely.”

But if you have been waiting to see a reporter castigate the White House for its indefensible double standard about truth and accountability, this is your jam.

Watch it below.

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