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Rachel Maddow interviewed Lev Parnas this afternoon. Parnas knows this is his moment, and Rachel knows how to get the most critical information out. We already have bits and pieces aired on Ari Melber.

Per the title, Parnas will tell Rachel that Trump knew everything, and blessed Rudy’s entire operation. Of course, we suspected as much all along, Trump is a micromanager, and this was “the” project, the one Sondland said was the only thing about which Trump cared. Parnas is a man in a ton of trouble, and simply must be counting upon Trump’s ouster, and the new A.G. wanting to show some sympathy for the man. Thus, when Parnas says “Trump lied,” as he also told Maddow, it will resonate.

I don’t see how Republicans can keep Parnas from testifying now.

One of the few defenses that Republicans dared to use was that the Democrats failed to produce any direct witnesses. Well, now Democrats have one, and he is talking. This witness not only has damning evidence of the ongoing project, but says Trump knew everything and lied.

So what argument would the Republicans use to keep his testimony out? Any argument would be one that screams cover-up and Republicans are willing to engage in it because they’re corrupt. It may well be more dangerous for Republicans to keep Parnas’s testimony out, rather than in.

Here is a natural question that flows from the above. How would the Republicans get around a request to call Rudy as a witness? It is near the same question, especially when the nation will know exactly what Parnas has said and documented, and it all implicates Rudy, which implicates Trump.

Unlike Parnas – who is already charged with felonies – Rudy has not yet been arrested. Rudy would almost surely have to walk in, take his seat, and then take the 5th Amendment, over and over. Oh, yes, at first he will claim Attorney-Client privilege, but the stuff that Parnas describes is not legal representation, moreover, attorney-client privilege never covers furthering a crime. Nor I am not sure how one engages in legal representation outside the country performing duties implicating the United States. He can try it, but I suspect he’ll end up claiming the 5th.

So it all makes Maddow a “must see” tonight on television. I might have to break my own rule, no screens, as evening time belongs to daughter. Normally she and I do some art. Tonight, it may be that she and I watch history being made.


Peace, y’all

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  1. Just saw a clip on hardball and it looks to be very enlightening, can’t wait for this one. The only hope that mcturttle would have is to try to discredit Parnas, good luck with that one

  2. I can’t wait to watch. It seems no matter what comes out, Republicans , Trump supporters don’t care. Odd crowd. I’m in Michigan,Dingells district to be exact. There’s so much. How can people let this shit go?

  3. I don’t understand why t*, Pence, Barr, Pompeo, Nunes, Ghouliani et al aren’t packing up and heading for the exits. I found Lev Parnas very credible and I believe him.

  4. Watched the interview with Parnas and Rachel Maddow. It was very enlightening and it shows just how many enablers are involved and knew about the Ukraine issue. They all must go down. The GOvernment does not need all these corrupt people in DC. Trump is the biggest liar ever. You cannot believe one word that he says.


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