This is not normal, even in the exaggeratedly bizarre world that we call Normal Life circa 2020 in the age of Trump. HHS spokesperson Michael Caputo went into meltdown Sunday night on Facebook. He subsequently deleted the video, but Yahoo News has a copy of it.

This is a shorter version than is available at the above link, but it’s enough to convince you that Caputo is mentally ill. His options at this point are 1. resign, 2. take medical leave or 3. hang around, if Alex Azar will go along with that, and right now Chuck Schumer is calling for Alex Azar to resign.

Azar or Azar’s successor is going to have to do something about Caputo. This man is not well.

“The partisan Democrats. The conjugal media and the scientists. The Deep State scientists want America sick through November, they cannot afford for us to have any good news before November, because they’re already losing Donald Trump right now, if the election were held today would win.”

“I’m going to get a vaccine and frickin fact as Assistant Secretary of Health I’ll be one of the first ones to go vaccine.”

“There are scientists working for this government who do not want America to get better. Did you hear me? There are scientists who work for this government who do not want America to get well until after Joe Biden is his president. It’s a fact. I know it because I’ve heard it.”

We don’t doubt that he has heard it. The voices in this man’s head must be something. And he himself has admitted his “mental health has definitely failed” and to the “shadows on the ceiling” being a point of concern.

Caputo’s meddling with the CDC reports is a huge story and it’s headed for a real showdown. Another HHS spokesperson came out today and described Schumer’s call for Azar’s resignation, “an attempt to mislead the American people and discredit the historic work of the Trump Administration to combat COVID-19.” No argument that the work of the Trump administration is historic. Historically and catastrophically incompetent, to be precise.

Azar being a weak and ineffectual leader, under a *president* who fits the same description is bad enough, but spin some genuine mental illness issues into the mix and it’s going to get pretty wild. Or, who knows? Maybe Caputo is trying to set himself up for an insanity defense. This is Trump world, anything goes.


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  1. You are right he’s either trying out for the funny farm or trying to make everyone think he is. But the real problem is that he’s playing with fire. I been watching this cracker for awhile and obviously need to pay more attention. I just seen Jared Kushner and he looks like the cat that swallowed the canary. Something up with these cupcakes. When a guy like Jared Kushner smiles to much look out. And this guy is there two. Asking for medical leave my ass. They have something planned that they can’t work on in the open!

  2. Just goes to illustrate that batsh*t crazy really is contagious. Caputo may have been able to pass as a human being within normal limits before he became enthralled with tRump.


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