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Roger Stone must have had a little too much Christmas cheer Saturday night because during this interview with Associated Press reporter Tom LoBianco, Stone looks like a hung over bleary eyed troll, barely able to keep awake. Stone told LoBianco that he was there “to sound the clarion call” that there were rumblings amongst Trump’s cabinet about invoking the 25th Amendment and this “is not a conspiracy theory.” You, Roger? Conspiracy theory? Nah. RawStory:

“Who are we talking about?” LoBianco wondered. “Is this it the secretary of state, the defense secretary, the vice president?”

“Like you, Tom, I cannot reveal those sources,” Stone insisted. “This is not a conspiracy theory… There are members of the cabinet who have had this discussion. Let me just leave it at that.”

“I will probably report that fully at some point,” he added. “There is a plan afoot that is broader than just the cabinet. The 25th Amendment requires a majority of the cabinet and the vice president [to remove the president]. I don’t think that is achievable today, not on the heels of the historic tax cut, not on the heels of the disintegration of the credibility of [Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation]. But we have seen what happens when a hysteria is whipped up among the people by some in the mainstream media. And I have always thought this is plan B for the two party duopoly that has run this country into the ground.”

Bear in mind that Stone is busy penning a new book on the fall of Donald Trump from power; although he assures one and all that he hopes that he doesn’t have to publish it.

Here’s the video and it’s enough to make Alex Jones cringe.

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