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tiburi / Pixabay

I dare say Trump won’t be happy to read this brilliant letter from a lifelong Republican.

Dear Mr. Trump and the Make America Great Again Committee,

I received your recent fundraising letter with much chagrin.

I was, up until your nomination, a lifelong Republican. I’ve given to many Republicans, but I will never in a million years send you a goddamned dime. And though I have never voted for a Democrat before, I will now.

I suppose I could have torn your letter up. But I’m returning it to you, along with the cheap bumper sticker you sent, because touching anything with your face on it, or having it in my home, even in the garbage can, would be like washing my hands with llama shit.

Also, I wanted to waste your pre-paid postage.

Please go fuck yourself at your earliest convenience.


Take that, you lyin’, evil, incompetent, racist, narcissistic, ego maniacal, delusional,  clueless, idiotic, lazy Russian pawn!

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