Maybe we’ve been going at this thing all wrong. While bad reviews drive Trump into Twitter-tastic rage, it appears that having the media say something nice about him causes him to fall into an drowsy-eyed torpor.

President Donald Trump has delayed plans to sign a reworked travel ban in the wake of positive reaction to his first address to Congress, a senior administration official told CNN.

Please. No one tell Trump that the viewership for his speech was actually down from Obama and from Bush. And no one spill the beans that his approval rating was actually a record low. Just let him sprawl in his golden tub and relax, while someone carefully unwinds his hair and reads the approval of “fake news” pundits into his orange ear.

Signing the executive order Wednesday, as originally indicated by the White House, would have undercut the favorable coverage. The official didn’t deny the positive reception was part of the administration’s calculus in pushing back the travel ban announcement.

Ahh. Relax. Relax. Relax before issuing that new executive order that will wreck the lives of people around the world, generate renewed chaos, and set off a fresh round of court battles. Besides, if they spill the hate ink today, it won’t get the chance to stand on its own as the massive slap to the Statue of Liberty that Team Trump intends.

One of the officials indicated that the delay was due to the busy news cycle, and that when Trump does sign the revised order, he wanted it to get plenty of attention.

“We need [the executive order] to have its own time to breathe,” the official said.

Quick. Can’t somebody think of something nice to say about Trump?
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