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Charles Pierce over at Esquire wrote a piece of the exact type that I have had on my mind all day. I put part of my thinking into my recent column on Nunes’s memo as a diversionary tactic, meant to cast all evidence gathered as inherently politically corrupt, poisoned, and thus unusable. “Nothing to see here. Move on.”

The motivation behind such an attempt is plain for people not under the spell of authoritarianism, those begging to be led by a liar, blindly following the person who will create a comfortable “truth,” unreachable by someone from the outside.

Trump retains this “unreachable” 35% of the electorate without regard to current developments, no matter the state of the evidence. For that reason, both Charlie and I believe that Trump’s insatiable need for control will lead him to hungrily grab for power in an impulsive hour, tossing aside the threats to resign from various executive staff. He would be daring Congress to “do something about it,” with the political split such that without devastatingly obvious evidence, no side can rip affirmative control of the government over the other. He likely counts upon the “loyalty” of the five “good judges” including the one he put in the stolen seat, all to protect his back side.

Pierce writes in devastating prose:

So, it’s fairly clear that there’s no steadying influence on the White House staff, except maybe White House counsel Don McGahn, and he’s pretty clearly in it for himself. Kelly, who was supposed to fulfill that role, is all in, too. As long as brown people are being rounded up, he’s apparently OK with letting the president* bring the government down on his own head.

I think Mueller’s days are numbered. It’s set up that way now. Rosenstein has The Memo hanging over his head, and he’s the only thing between Mueller and a return to well-earned retirement. This is a president* who believes that he owes the country nothing except loyalty to his slavering base. He will do anything and, from that, he derives his power. It is not to be ignored.

Sadly, I agree. Fully.

The nation barrels toward fascism with Trump leading the way. Of  course it would be a man like him, one who paints a false reality like the best dictators of our time. We will soon likely face the greatest constitutional crises since we waged war upon ourselves. Trump will fire Mueller, it is only a matter of time, now. The collateral damage will be horrendous.

But, there will be no war this time. No, the fear this time is that there would be too little fight. Many (most?) citizens are too entertained by life, or too overburdened, to care. “The kids have swim lessons, an insurance bill is due, gotta watch that new Netflix series, need some micro-brews, the Super Bowl is coming, I can’t pay that hospital bill and they’re garnishing my paycheck ….”

There will be no war. How we resist will dictate the fate of the next two generations. Without any reach for drama, I believe Trump will soon fire Mueller, and the constitution hangs in the balance. Will we trade Jefferson and Madison, for McConnell and Ryan?

If Congress allows Trump to fire Mueller without immediately impeaching him, no one can dispute the death of our republic.

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