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Earlier today, White House Press Secretary/Information Minister/Princess of Lies Sarah Huckabee Sanders hinted loudly that her boss could potentially block Robert Mueller from testifying before the House Judiciary Committee. Under this scenario, Trump could tell Attorney General William Barr to order Mueller not to testify. Since Mueller is still employed by the Department of Justice, Barr at least on paper would have the right to give such an order.

But there’s just one problem. In a few days, that order could just be hot air. Mueller is reportedly about to leave the federal government.

Mueller is still employed at the Justice Department, meaning Barr would need to sign off on his testimony and could in theory block him from appearing. Mueller is also expected to leave the Justice Department soon, which could leave the administration with little control over his actions as a private citizen.

Peter Carr, a spokesman for the special counsel’s office, told The Hill on Monday that Mueller “will be concluding his service within the coming days.” Carr offered no information regarding negotiations surrounding the special counsel’s potential testimony.

Theoretically, if Mueller were still on the DOJ payroll and was ordered not to testify, Congress could simply subpoena him—and according to George Washington law professor Randall Eliason, there would be little legal basis for the White House to fight such a subpoena. Eliason noted that Mueller would have another option under that scenario—resign, then testify. Apparently Mueller is making a preemptive strike by preparing to leave now.

Even as a private citizen, Trump could potentially assert executive privilege to block Mueller’s testimony—but that would be fraught with political peril, and legal experts say that could also go nowhere.

Pass the popcorn.

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  1. Thank you Mr. Mueller. Wishing you luck on your retirement. Looking forward to hearing you testify about your report. The American people have a right to see this report.

  2. The only thing that Sorry Sarah Sanders knows is how to lie. You know that thing her self righteous daddy forgot to teach her about. Don’t worry Sarah it’s only a matter of time you will be dressed in orange also.

  3. Mr.Mueller. You are to be commended for your dedication during the thousands of hours you and your team of valiant prosecutors have spent to reveal the high crimes and misdemeanors, as well as money laundering that occurred during this current traitorous presidency.

    Despite the barbs, slings, and arrows cast your way, you have persevered to uncover the horrifying truth.

    I wish you peace in your retirement, (you certainly deserve it), not to mention a Medal of Valor) for being loyal to the United States of America.

    We all look forward to your testimony which we hope will bring a quick end to the cancer that has invaded the country and the world.


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