CNN / YouTube Ex Trump campaign aide Rick Gates...
CNN / YouTube

CNBC is reporting that Mueller is proposing to drop more than 20 criminal charges, including bank fraud and tax fraud, against Rick Gates:

The charges being dropped were brought against Gates in a court in Alexandria, Virginia, in keeping with the terms of his plea deal.

“The Office will move promptly to dismiss the remaining counts of the Indictment in this matter,” the agreement says. “In addition, the Office will move promptly to dismiss without prejudice the charges brought against your client in the Eastern District of Virginia.”

Here is a clip of the actual court filing from Politico reporter Kyle Cheney’s Twitter feed:

This is all contingent on Gates holding up his end of the bargain. If he doesn’t, he can be recharged with the same crimes.

The implication, of course, is that Gates has something of value to give Mueller. And that something must be significant since it is worth dropping all these criminals charges. Note that this doesn’t get Gates off the hook. He is still facing up to 6 years in prison for his remaining indictments.

It certainly sounds like Mueller has Gates exactly where he wants him. As Mueller continues to lever up Gates, how long before he uses whatever Gates is giving him to flip Manafort, who faces a lifetime in jail if convicted of the charges he is facing? And why is Mueller trying so hard to flip Manafort?

Stayed tuned. Mueller is on a roll. We should have some answers soon. Especially, if today’s frantic tweets by Trump are an indication–and they usually are–of what is on the horizon.

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