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You know, I’m actually so jealous of Robert Mueller III that my teeth grind. It has nothing to do with fame. What I wouldn’t give to have the training, talent, and natural animal instinct to run and coordinate an investigation like he’s doing right now. Forget the news coverage, I’m more hooked on what the personal satisfaction of being the only one who could solve that Da Vinci Code will feel like. The patience and skill to know that you’re the only one who can build that particular ship-in-the-bottle.

Forget about His Lowness pulling out every last trick to try to stop him. For a guy like Mueller, that’s like tht first cup of coffee in the morning, it just gets his engine running. Mueller has a history of standing up to a President. Don’t forget, it was Robert Mueller who teamed up with James Comey to protect then Attorney General John Ashcroft from being conned into signing an order that both men felt was both immoral and unconstitutional when Ashcroft was still under the effects of medication following surgery. And damn if Alberto Gonzalez didn’t show up, right on cue, with the document to try to pull the con. Mueller and Comey both publicly threatened to resign in protest if the domestic surveillance order was executed. So, Bob Mueller is not going to cave in to a shitheel like Trump, or any of his pressure.

No, the pressure is coming from the opposite direction. The pressure is coming from us. This story has riveted us as a nation in the way few things could, it’s “All the President’s Men” for this generation. Is it actually possible that the sitting President of The United States could have conspired with our arch enemy as a candidate, to literally sell out the best interests of this country solely so he could send the Secret Service out for pizza? Inquiring minds want to know.

Mueller is now in the same position as the executive producer of any Christmas blockbuster. When there’s this much advance hype, for this fucking long, the movie had damn well better not suck. The two hour body of the movie is not going to be remembered, it’s going to be the ending that will make or break the production.

The investigative portion of this quest appears to be over. As has been reported, there is a flow to an investigation. Before you interview the first subject, you gather every possible speck of information possible, so you know exactly which questions to ask the principals, and a good solid feel for what the answers should logically be. Normally, this phase is rather boring, with all the “action” going on behind the scenes, like a stage crew getting all of the props in place behind the curtain before the next act. But thanks to the fact that the principals in this prove have such loose lips, and have let so much be publicly obtainable by aggressive journalism, we feel like we have a pretty good grasp of what’s going on. And the selective leaks coming from the Mueller probe itself are doing a nice job of confirming theories, and putting pressure on the principals.

Mueller’s problem is not a lack of suspects, it’s a surplus of them. And that creates its own problem for him. If the prosecutor is going after John Gotti, the masses are not gonna be satisfied if all that ends up happening is that Vinnie “Two Toes” goes to the slammer. Where’s the satisfaction in that? That would be like nixon walking away, whistling a happy tune while John Dean and HR Haldeman went to Club Fed.The public is not going to be pleased if this whole thing ends up with only extras like Carter Page, Sam Clovis, and George Papadopoulos ending up in an orange jumpsuit. That wold be like the Galactic Emporer getting a pass while a couple of white clad troopers took the fall.

Patience grasshoppers. As much as we all want Trump gone soonest, these things take time. When you’re going to take down the kingpin, every duck has to be in a row. You can’t just remove reasonable doubt, you have to remove all doubt. Fortunately, as with seeming all things Trump, we may have caught a break. OJ Simpson got away with murder because his lawyers were smart and sneaky enough to bend every rule and ethic in order to get him off. With Trump, we have his two top lawyers spouting off about strategy in loud voices in a Washington restaurant with a reporter at the next table. A surprise strategy isn’t much of a surprise if not only the prosecutor, but every living being on the planet knows about it.

This will all come out in the end, but give it a little time. After all, dessert isn’t as satisfying if you have it before the soup is even served. Later today, I’mgoing to have another article outlining where I think this is going, and I don’t think you’re going to walk away thinking it’s a bummer. Good things come to those who wait.

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