Now, this is interesting. We don’t hear much leak from Mueller’s office, the fact that this is out doesn’t necessarily mean the leak began there, but it’s possible. Everything that does come out does so for a reason, of that, we can be sure.

Richard Gerson is a New York-based hedge fund manager and good friend of Jared Kushner. He is also directly in Mueller’s cross-hairs because he just happened to show-up at the tiny Seychelles islands, off the coast of Eastern Africa for godsake, at the exact same time some other interesting characters were “vacationing” in the sun-soaked islands.

We have known for some time that Eric Prince, high-rolling donor (so high-rolling, his IQ of 85, never-held-an-education-job-sister, Betsy Devos, is now our Sec of Education) met with all the wrong Russian bankers in January of 2017, we only lately knew that Prince met with United Arab Emirates officials, including Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan of Abu Dhabi. Now, we learn that Kushner pal Gerson also attended the meeting.

We know better than to believe in coincidences – did I mention the Seychelles are a long long way from anywhere? – and we damn sure know Robert Mueller doesn’t believe in coincidences, either.

The New York Daily News adds this interesting tidbit:

Mueller has been investigating Prince’s meeting as an effort to establish a backchannel between the incoming Trump administration and the Russian Government.

Gerson also reportedly met with the Prince during his time on the remote Indian island and had been in communication with George Nader, the businessman responsible for setting up Prince’s secret sit-down.

If you need an even more direct link, I’ve got you covered there, too:

Weeks before the reported meeting, Gerson joined Nader and several members of the Trump team — including Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn and Kushner himself — for a December meeting at the New York Four seasons, according to NBC.

This seems to be breaking now because Kushner’s deal with the UAE, and his meddling with Qatar about financing, has attracted new attention from Mueller. Kushner, it appears, likes to deal with countries that are soaked in oil rich money, and corrupt enough to think nothing of buying off American politicians, especially ones that have no clue what they’re doing.

Also, please keep in mind. Whenever you hear “back channel” as applied to the Trumps, we are talking about a way for the Trumps to speak to Russians (or whomever) without American law enforcement or intelligence picking up the conversation. Otherwise, Trump could pick up the White House phone and call whomever he wanted. They allow presidents to do all sorts of crazy things like that.

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