Trumpdee Dumpdee must have fallen out of bed this morning forget about getting out on the wrong side. He unleashed a torrent of hostility and blame that is one of the most toxic, if not the most, he’s ever banged out with his tiny brain and thumbs. You can smell the desperation and panic.

Now this next one is my personal favorite. The QAnon Queen, Tracy Beanz as in “spill the beans” hahahaha is presenting herself as an *investigative journalist* ala David Corn and Kurt Eichenwald. Hit this link to NewsGuard and read all about it.

Here’s a bonus video to take your mind off the fact that unemployment benefits are lapsing today, the government shuts down Monday and 3,000 people a day are dying of COVID-19. And this a$$hole spends his time on Twitter retweeting QAnon.


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  1. The 2016 election was very possibly stolen through misinformation perpetrated by the Russians, and Hilary didn’t pitch a fit, try to overturn the results or lambast the Supreme Court. She DID CONCEDE, however. Again THERE IS NO ELECTION FRAUD.

  2. THE LIES NEVER END and the poison still spreads, yet no one seems to stop it. I have always had a solution GET THE COUNTERFEIT POLITICIAN OUT, NOW!

  3. How many Trump lies and distortions recorded? No, I mean all throughout his lifetime of losing. Ask the older folks in his hometown area. Horrible Human, life long loser – loser – loser – loser.


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