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MSNBC reports that a just released transcript from the hearing convened to vote upon release of the Nunes memo demonstrates that the Democrats asked Nunes if he coordinated with the White House in preparation of the memo itself. Nunes did not deny coordinating with the White House on the memo.

To any educated observer, the value of the memo should now be zero, if it were not so obviously worthless already. Coordination with the White House on a memo means the memo is designed to harm those bringing accusations against the White House and Trump personally.

If Nunes coordinated with the White House, it also opens Nunes up to prosecution for obstruction of justice charges himself. Generally, members of Congress enjoy immunity from liability for actions undertaken in carrying out their office. However, if Nunes went outside Congress to coordinate with another branch of government (The White House), he can no longer be said to be carrying out his congressional duties. Instead, he is purely acting on his own behalf.

As chair of a Congressional Committe Nunes is supposed to be doggedly investigating facts to determine the truth as part of a co-equal branch. Increasingly, though, Nunes acts as nothing more than a personal page for Donald Trump himself, not the office of the president, and not the Congress.


Nunes worked on his own behalf for the Trump transition team, while Trump was still a private citizen. Nunes should go to jail alongside Flynn, Page and Trump, personally, and on his own behalf. He long ago gave up acting within his branch of government, acting on behalf of his constituents, and on behalf of the people of the United States.

Once a nation abandons the idea of the rule of law, the “people” who believe they personally “are” the government are quickly exposed.

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