Fox News / YouTube Trump downplays idea he would sit...
Fox News / YouTube

According to the earnest Chuck Todd, Trump has agreed to speak to Mueller, under oath.

I admit, I am shocked.

OTOH, perhaps he didn’t have near as much choice about it as we might believe. They have been “negotiating” for a while now. It’s conceivable that Mueller’s negotiation went like this:

Mueller: I would like to talk to you.

Trump” No.

Mueller: That’s fine, I was going to give you a chance to talk to me before I filed this indictment here.

Trump: Hey hey, I was just joshing with you, don’t you ever kid? I like to kid ….


The other thing, it really would be hard for Trump to say “I’ll take the 5th” — which is what he’d be saying if he said: “No.”

We’ll see.

….They haven’t set a date yet.

And he once said he’d release his taxes ….

Oh, and don’t let your winger friends emphasize that the “Under Oath” thing means Trump’s extra committed to the truth, bigly. It’s a felony to lie to the FBI anyway, so not a big deal either way.

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