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Marc Lotter, former spokesman for the roundly denied by Americans Pence campaign and current mouthpiece for the trying-to-keep-Mike-Pence-out-of-jail-please campaign, was on Nicole Wallace’s MSNBC show Thursday. Wallace was holding a roundtable to discuss the current state of what we know about the Mueller investigation and more specifically how terrifying it must be for White House officials to know that George Papadopoulos had pled guilty months ago and may very well have been wired while having meetings with other officials. Lotter came on with the kind of incompetent bluster that usually only passes for a Fox News opening monologue where he said that Papadopoulos was both a low level guy with no access and also a guy with high level access who was incompetent. Did your brain freeze yet? Wallace was having none of it.

WallaceI just want to get your position clear in my mind. So your explanation is that he was too low level or that he was too incompetent? I don’t understand your position?
Lotter: I wasn’t in the meeting.
Wallace: Jeff sessions, who was neither incompetent nor low level. It got all the way to Jeff sessions, this pitch, this idea that he’d use his Russian contacts to put Donald Trump in the room —
Lotter: I’m not sure if that’s the way it was phrased. I wasn’t in that meeting.

WallaceNo one is denying Jeff Sessions nixed a meeting.
Lotter: What I’ve read in public reporting is that his story has varied between setting up a meeting to establish better contacts, discussions of dirt, discussions of all of these things. We don’t know what was pitched in the meeting. I’ve had contact with somebody who would like to set up a meeting with the — with Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump going forward. I don’t know — it was immediately killed. I was not in that —
Wallace: You don’t know if it was immediately killed —
Lotter: No, what was reported by “The New York Times” was that Jeff sessions said —
Wallace: You just said he was low level. Would you agree that Jeff sessions was pretty high level.
Lotter: Jeff sessions was high level.

Wallace ties Lotter up to his final point. That we cannot really know Mueller and who knows what Mueller’s motivations are. That’s the implication of all his dancing.

WallaceWhy are you so eager to — do you trust Bob Mueller?
Lotter: I’m not going to make a judgment on Bob Mueller. Former FBI director.
Wallace: Former FBI director after 9/11. Yes or no. Do you trust Bob Mueller?
Lotter: I would trust the process to play out the way it’s meant to be played out.

Lotter’s inability to answer whether or not he trusts Mueller seems to be the moment Wallace decides to burn him down. Later on, Lotter gets into it with someone on the panel who calls him out for being full of shit, at which point he goes bananas talking about Hillary Clinton and double standards.

Wallace: Hey, hey, I will call some friends at Fox and try to get you a booking but that’s not true. We appreciate that you come here and speak on behalf of Donald Trump but why can’t you say that we don’t know — we know there was attempted collusion. If it’s not a crime, why your defensiveness? 
Lotter: You are accusing me of —
Wallace: You are about to jump through the camera and punch Steve —
Lotter: I get called —
Wallace: Why can’t you say it’s possible collusion took place? It’s probably going to end up that they tried and were incompetent colluders. If it’s not a crime, why is it such a raw nerve for you.

Lotter runs back into the Republican parallel universe where Hillary Clinton is the president and they can blame everything on her. 

WallaceI’ll send an e-mail to friends at fox and you can peddle your propaganda there. Are you aware of anybody, as anybody who covers the white house is, that is concern of what Papadopoulos has shared since he plead guilty in July.

Lotter: No, I’m not aware of anybody.
WallaceYou’re not aware of anybody that’s concerned what George papadopoulos said?
Lotter: No.
Wallace: And you’re telling the truth? I’ve heard four people that are worried this is a climb the ladder process. These are people that spoke privately and off the record.

Lotter: Right now we have indictments that have nothing to do with the president of the United States and the white house.
Wallace: I’m not asking about the president. I am asking about your former colleagues. The six staffers he wants to investigate about a lie that was told, dictated by the president from aboard air force one. Have you not talked to anybody on —
Lotter: That’s a completely different question.
Wallace: I asked you if anybody was worried about their own legal liability. Yes or no. I’m determining whether or not you’re going to come on this show and tell the truth or lie.

Wallace ends by shutting Lotter down before commercial saying “They are afraid.” It’s excellent. If you want to know who Marc Lotter is still working for it’s the guy whose name was never once mentioned by him—Mike Pence.


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