Mr Trump, meet petard. Mr Petard, meet hoist.

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All of those disgusting, dishonest people back there. I call them the fake news    Donald Trump

If there’s one nice thing about having “like, the best brain,” the way Trump does, it means that he doesn’t have to waste any time listening to stupid experts. Especially the ones who grasp that the whole concept is to dangle your ass over the hole in the ground, and not to jump headfirst into it.

“Fake news!” “The lying, dishonest media!” Trump has been banging that tired, old drum ever since the day that the mainstream media decided to stop treating him like the Roslyn village idiot, and start treating him like the threat to our safety and national security that he is. And it has worked well with his base, sometimes surprisingly well. Even the Trump supporter that voted to convict Paul Manafort on 18 counts said, that while she considered the Mueller investigation a “total witch hunt,” the evidence against Manafort was solid gold. Like Republicans had dug up all of that shit on one of their own.

But actually, it might be working just a bit too well. MSNBC reported yesterday that a New York Times poll found that 56% of Trump supporters believed that predictions of an upcoming “blue wave” in November are fake news. And the FOX Ministry of Propaganda isn’t helping matters, by having any anchors and hosts that are not dismissing the polling disregard it completely.

Trump himself seems to have a rather complicated relationship with this problem. While reporting shows that he is finally starting to have it hammered through his thick skull, likely by vulnerable GOP House members, that the threat is real, he just can’t seem to come to grips with it. Publicly, he seems to vacillate between preemptively blaming his own base voters for a bad outcome, for not voting in large enough numbers to bail him out, or blowing sunshine up their ass by predicting a “big, beautiful red wave” instead.

Most Presidents are intelligent enough to try very hard to remove themselves from the equation in midterm elections, especially the first one. They let the party, and the individual candidates tailor their messages as much as possible. But Trump’s voracious ego will never allow that to happen, so he has already cast this election as being all about him. And therein lies the problem.

Whether the GOP likes it or not, this election is going to hinge on the base Trump voters. Especially with Democratic enthusiasm to provide a check on him through the roof, and the GOP bleeding traditional supporters, like college educated white women. But how do Trump and the GOP hammer home the threat to the Trump base, when the base has already been inoculated to believe that it’s fake news? Besides, even if he wanted to spread the alarm, which Trump so far shows no real inclination to do, how could he do it? Since day one, any time that Trump has been forced to make a damaging admission, he has done it in such a way that his base gets the message loud and clear that this is something he’s being forced to say, and not what he really wants to say.Even if Trump is rightfully panicked, how does he now convince his Trombies that something he has openly ridiculed for months is now actually a serious threat?

Just like Josef Goebbels in Berlin in 1945, and Baghdad Bob in Iraq in 2003, Trump has conned his supporters into believing that everything is just ducky. And now, it looks like his supporters won’t believe that those are actual, live enemy soldiers, right up until the soldiers start stealing their pick ups to transport supplies to the front. Nice going numb nuts.

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carol levy
carol levy

good we need godoffalparty to be complacent. I worry that the polls showing dems will carry the day will end up keeping too many home, ‘I dont need to vote, since we;re goi9ng to win”
The other problem is the factions I see ppl on twitter and FB saying I wont vote for the dem unless he/she promises to do all the progressives want; free tuition free healthcare etc. and not understanding if we dont get the dems in centrist or whatever their leaning there is no chance at all of achieving even a scintilla of what dems much lessprogressives want.


I agree, there could well be a ‘vote for anything blue’ running rampant. Rather than voting for specific blue candidates that can put this country right.
Nothing wrong voting out repugs, but don’t replace them with just ‘anyone’ carrying the demo banner. Ineffective candidates could well hand this country back to the swamp by 2020.

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf
There was never any “swamp” that was a metaphor the circus clown used in his campaign, government is always big and bulky, what we have now is an overflowing sewage plant. Historically the GOP always tries to keep it slim and trim, while giving their already richer than hell donors huge tax cuts, and pocketing more for themselves, the Democrats try to actually do things for the people, you know like you and me, what the godamn hell is wrong with healthcare for all? the British have had it forever, they aren’t going bankrupt, are they? Canada has it too,… Read more »