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I haven’t seen much talk of this so I thought I’d point out that Mother Jones has a very interesting article about a case against Cambridge Analytica in Britain.  Apparently the privacy laws in Britain are very different from Americ’s laws.  In Britain you can request your data from any any data company under their data protection laws and they must provide all of it to you.

And, since there have been reports that CA evaluated their data points on American citizens in Britain.

An American in Britain started to wonder about CA and requested his data.  What he got back was eerily correct but only comprised about 200 data points.  Since CA has bragged about how many data points it has (I think it was 5,000) on each person he became suspicious that he wasn’t getting the full story as required by British law.  So he is going ahead with a suit which has the potential to blow open a lot if the secrecy of CA.

This will be of interest to anyone who is suspicious of the role CA and data analytics played in our last presidential election and there is a lot more in the story.

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