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Joe Scarborough and Donny Duestche have been friends with Donald Trump for years and neither likes what they see happening to their “friend” lately. Both fear “the worst” and discussed it in a shocking panel discussion.

“I always said he was not necessarily the type of guy I would want to be in a foxhole with, but I always felt that he was in on the joke, very sharp,” Deutsch said. “Like I said, wouldn’t want to be in a foxhole with him, you had to check your pockets when he left. I’m not saying he’s the most moral high ground, but nothing as far as the twisted, in many cases, cruel and evil and also kind of unhinged as we’re seeing now, and what scares me and this week more than ever you felt something shift. You really felt the noose tightening.”

Duestche and Scarborough point to Hope Hicks as a critical loss to Trump, stating that Trump has lost his “security blanket,” the person who could talk Trump down. After Trump imposed tariffs upon steel and aluminum late yesterday, both discussed the fact that Trump states a willingness to start a war, whether a trade war or real war, simply to occupy himself.

“I am truly terrified of what he is capable of doing,” Deutsch said. “I know this is insane, but nothing short of starting a war to protect his hide and we have to start to look at this latest tariff situation this clearly cost a lot of people a lot of money but not lives, what is this man cornered, dangerous, unhinged now, a very different man than 20 years ago — what is he capable of doing?”

Earlier this morning, Trump tweeted a bizarre claim that trade wars could be good and “easy to win.” Trump’s sudden imposition of tariffs, some say without consultation of the appropriate parties or a warning period or notice, has already created a drop in the Dow that seems purely self-inflicted and unnecessary. Scarborough noted it represented a larger danger.

“Yes, he could be cruel publicly, he could be unkind, but the level of chaos, I think, has far exceeded a lot of people’s expectations, and the problem now is, again, what Donny said, cornered,” Scarborough said. “Donald Trump is proving to be a very dangerous person, a very dangerous person for his own White House, a very dangerous person for people who are investing in the stock market and a very dangerous person for those of us who care about U.S. interests globally.”

Of course, some of us have known all along that Trump lacked the requisite maturity and depth to occupy the Oval Office with an even hand, I know that I am not shocked that Trump would react with a temper tantrum upon losing his beloved Hope Hicks as an aide. It does feel like Duestche makes an appropriate point, one we can only hope is heard within the walls of the Special Counsel’s office, that Trump could easily start a war as a means of exercising his frustrations and self-obsession.

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  1. Duh! What the hell do you yokos think we’ve been screaming about? Trump is just showing his true colors and his enormous ego (blow in his ear and he’ll follow you anywhere). He’d do anything to save his own ass. Trump would start a war if needed to deflect attention from the investigations. Do we have a mature, knowledgeable, trustworthy person who really gives a damn about our people’s and Country’s welfare in Washington? Who’s there to stop Trump? Kelly, yeah right! He’s almost as bad as Trump. NOT “Always Faithful”!!!

    Wake up, this Country desperately needs a hero(s) to step up and I haven’t seen one in the Senate or, especially, the House that fits that bill.

    Thank God we’ve got Robert Mueller! He is one of our Heroes, but we need more. This democracy is in jeopardy from Russian infiltration and so far it looks like no one, especially Trump, is doing anything to stop it.


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