More than half of voters feel ‘less safe’ with Donald Trump as president

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In the wake of Donald Trump’s precipitous troop withdrawal from Syria, new polling shows that Trump’s impulsive actions are taking a toll on the psyche of a sizable number of Americans. Asked if they “feel safer or less safe” with Trump as president compared to a few years go, 51% of registered voters said they feel less safe while just 42% say they feel safer, according to a Civiqs survey released Thursday.

By very similar numbers, 51% of respondents said Trump had weakened U.S. national security as president with just 43% saying he has strengthened it.

A 46% plurality of voters also say Trump is primarily looking out for himself, his family and his businesses in his negotiations with foreign countries, with another 4% saying Trump is most interested in helping other countries like Russia and China. In other words, fully 50% say Trump’s foreign policy prioritizes something or someone else other than the strategic interests of the United States and the American people.

Survey question showing 46% of respondents think Trump is primarily advancing his own interests in foreign policy while just 41% say the US as a whole is his primary concern.

Taken together, that’s a damning picture of how well Trump is performing in a policy area where he has almost sole discretion and has increasingly made unilateral decisions without consulting with the very entities that are tasked with protecting U.S. interests abroad such as the Pentagon, State Department, and intelligence community.

So much for Republicans being the party of national security.

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With all of his racist comments out of that methane blowhole someone of his kool-ade sheeple will get all tRumpied up and do something stupid,the bigot of beef just can’t help himself. Feeling less safe/secure in our country is a way to live

chris whitley
chris whitley
All kidding aside they should feel less safe. With his traitorous actions on Syria we should know the 100 Isis soldiers they say escaped probably the other way around. It probably was 100 still held while the rest walked away. Who would have stopped them. Turkey considers them allies and Syria harbors them. And the poor Kurds were running for cover. We just showed the world we are morons who in this instance took fighting that’s been done on our part since the 90’s and blew it out the window. Between Iraq and Afghanistan how many soldiers have died. And… Read more »