Erik Prince was scheduled to testify before the House Intelligence Committee today about, among other things, the identity of the Russian that he met with in January in the Seychelle’s Islands. What is also likely to come out, is more of the undisguised animosity that Prince holds for none other than Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Daily Beast:

Two key players in the unfolding Trump-Russia drama are now at odds: Sessions, who keeps remembering more and more discussions about—and meetings with—Kremlin officials; and Prince, who reportedly had a secret meeting with a Putin crony earlier this year in an attempt to open a back channel between the Kremlin and the Trump White House. […]

“Jeff Sessions is a big, giant wussy and never has there been a more spineless, worthless guy holding that chair than him,” said one former Blackwater official, who spoke anonymously because he said he feared retaliation. “I look at what Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch used to do to carry water for Obama, and holy moly, that’s an attorney general that you want on your side. He is—with the whole Russia thing—he’s worthless.” […]

Erik Prince’s allies are coming to the same conclusion: that Sessions won’t go to the mat for people who are loyal to the president.

One of the former officials told The Daily Beast that people like Nick Slatten—the former contractor whose murder conviction was vacated, and who is in prison awaiting his retrial—voted for the president so things would change for them. And with Sessions at the helm, and the Blackwater prosecution continuing unabated, things haven’t changed enough.

“This guy that’s in jail right now is exactly who voted for this administration, to get some fucking common sense,” the former official said. “This is what people voted for—not to have this kind of bullshit.”

Very simply, Sessions is not viewed by Prince as being the stand up kind of guy that he should be, and Prince’s idea of a stand up guy is the guy standing up for Blackwater and its nefarious ways. Sessions has not only not done that, he also hasn’t supported Blackwater’s privitization of the Afghanistan War, which is another pet Blackwater project.

Prince and Steve Bannon are tight but so are Sessions and Bannon. This rivalry is far from settled.

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