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It appears that there have been other attempts by AMI to silence journalists and news organizations. Here are a few more tweets on the subject that emerged overnight –

Here is the original Jeff Bezos tweet and article that kicked off this maelstrom –

Some more background –

Ronan  Farrow’s run-in with AMI –

Tom Arnold –

Dirt digging as a blackmail tool –

The Silencing of The Beast –

Ted Bridis at AP –

Morning Joe, trump and the National Enquirer

Washington Post has a good summary –

Will SDNY take strong action?

So, why is AMI taking such a risky step in threatening Bezos? Were they emboldened by their previous unreported attempts?

How many more cockroaches are there in this sewer? Shouldn’t blackmailing of journalists be considered a high crime? Who else, besides journalists, have been getting blackmailed? Will more victims now come forward with their blackmail stories? What else does the FBI and the Mueller team know? How will this end? Inquiring minds want to know.

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