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So Kushner previously failed to disclose a contact from May 2016 where a Russian pal of the NRA happened to also launder money for organized crime, and also reached out to the Trump campaign.

Oh, and as a member of Putin’s political party he’s also a buddy… 

And even as such “message passing” meetings seemed to have been forgotten by Kushner and become noticed by Senate committees, more likely is that Mueller already has a bunch of IC data documenting a number of meetings, perhaps some covert, in the building case against Trump and the Biglygaters.

Aleksander Torshin

“A former senator in Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party directed dirty-money flows for mobsters in Moscow  

the Spanish anti-corruption prosecutor and the Civil Guard define in their reports as a godfather from a notorious Russian mafia organization”

In 2015 he was nominated as a deputy head of the Central Bank of Russia. In 2016 he was connected by Spanish investigation with the Tambovskaya organized crime group. Torshin was allegedly involved in money laundering for the group.[3]…

Credit: Michelle Dale

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