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CNN’s “political commentator” Ed Martin has been doing double time this past year as a right wing apologist who has a specialty in running distraction when people like Trump and others are called out for being transparent racists. Comments Moore made a couple of months ago where he explained his “family values” were based on the great American time of slavery when families loved one another have percolated back into the traditional media outlets. CNN decided to have Ed Martin on with a couple of other political pundits to discuss. Asked how these statements by Moore would not be problematic if he were to become the “Republican Senator from Alabama” after today’s election, Ed Martin explained:

Martin: He’s getting elected to the Senate; and when he gets to the Senate he will have to vote on things, and slavery is not going to be voted on in the Senate and neither is homosexuality.

The fact of the matter is that disgraced judge Roy Moore has a long and storied history of being racist and homophobic and has even been willing to give a tier system to that bigotry. Later in the clip Angela Rye, listening to Ed Martin explain that when the “Jews” were enslaved for “years” they “still loved each other,” simplifies what Ed Martin is doing here:

Are you serious? You are going to hedge on slavery?

Ed Martin’s point is that there was a magical time when good Christian values permeated our Christian nation. And that magical time was during the hundreds of years of slavery when good Christians bought and sold humans based on their African bloodline ancestry and then raped and brutalized and murdered those slave families, broke them up, forced new families to be created via inhumane “breeding” practices. And all of that “magical” time was supported by “good Christians.” Not “bad Christians” like John Brown who decided that God wanted him to smite slave-holders and supporters.

Ed Martin. Please take this personally. You’re a piece of shit. A racist piece of shit. And the God you pretend to worship? He’s also a piece of shit.

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