Well, my little Basement Kitty has successfully passed another Halloween, racing from window to window to tell Mom there were goblins outside. Goblins aka trick or treaters, wild turkeys, other neighborhood kitties, and other assorted scary things.

All of which go bump on the side of the trailer. The turkeys like to peck on the siding because they like the sound, neighborhood kiddos like to fist bump the side as they go by, and the kitties, although silent, are by far the worst offenders. Just their being in HIS yard makes it an affront to all things right and proper. 

I didn’t actually see too many trick or treaters though. Normally I love trick or treaters, but I was Not Feeling Well. 

I received my COVID booster on Saturday (yay!). I tend to react rather strongly to them and this time was no exception. A nasty headache, achy flu-ey feeling, and a bit of roiling gastric distress added up to a rather miserable Sunday for Yours Truly. Better now, but still feeling rather punk.  Totally predictable, and a small price to pay for protection from COVID. 

So, I apologize for the brevity of this tale. I am ok, but still not feeling really up to par. But you know, I have my two little nurses, who take such good care of me. 

Ignore the trick or treaters at your own risk

Happy Samhain all! Still a bit whoopsy today, but improving. Hope you all got all the Halloween treats your little hearts desire! Hugs.

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