Friday was a trying day for the American republic, in more ways than one. But Maryland’s Democratic Congressman and lead impeachment manager Jamie Raskin delivered a moment of sardonic levity that should go down in history.

Donald Trump’s Philadelphia counsel, Michael van der Veen, had delivered what he obviously considered to be a profound and sorrowful verdict on the day’s proceedings as it had impacted his client. Bemoaning the fact that, in his view, “nobody listened” to his less than awe-inspiring oratory regarding Trump’s actions leading up to the Capitol insurrection, Mr. van der Veen said:

“There was nothing fun here, Mr. Raskin. We aren’t having fun here. This is about the most miserable experience I’ve had down here in Washington, D.C. There’s nothing fun about it.”

Raskin’s rejoinder was as sharp as it was deadly.

“You know, counsel said before, this has been ‘my worst experience in Washington,’ and for that I guess we’re sorry—but, man, you should have been here on January 6th.”

Just wanted to make sure nobody missed that. 🙂

Watch the clip below.

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