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The much-loved and politically quick-witted model, actor, tv host and author Chrissy Teigen has made all kinds of headlines this week after her flight to Japan debacle. During all of it she managed to  post her most popular tweet of 2017. In four words, Teigen sums up what the majority of Americans already know, but some Trump supporters don’t seem to get. 

Teigen’s response to a Trump supporter who tried to shame her went viral with over 650k likes and close to a quarter million retweets. Here’s how the conversation went down:

Sassy Gay Republican @sassygayrepub:

“I don’t think liberals understand that when they trash talk Trump, they’re also trash talking the millions of people who voted for him.”

Christine Teigen #chrissyteigen:

“Uhhhhh. Yeah. We know.”

It shouldn’t be hard to understand, Sassy. Though it may not be nice, it’s not hard to trash talk the millions of Trump supporters who knowingly voted for a lying, cheating, scamming, racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, self-serving, sexual-predatory and dangerously deranged, ego-driven global threat. Chrissy is right. And then you still support him even now, as he destroys all that was ever great about America. He’s killing this country. What were you thinking, Sassy?

Here is the original Twitter post:

Teigen continues to win the internet. Her reposted tweet garnered almost as many “likes” as did the original tweet. And her page is loaded with similar quips. Here’s a response by Teigen earlier in the year after a cyber-asshat tried and failed to bully her.


During these days of constant political turmoil, corruption and anxiety, quick wit gives many of us a chance to exhale. Those in the limelight who are courageous enough to speak out politically know they risk losing a large number and possibly the majority of their fans. On the flip side, they sometimes gain more fans than they lost. That seems to be the case for Teigen. Given the current number of Twitter followers (9.7 million), she looks to be doing just fine. 

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