Mitt(ens) Romney Says He ‘Wants To Hear’ What John Bolton Has To Say

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This is classic Romney double speak. I had forgotten how annoying it could be. On the one hand, he says that John Bolton has “first hand knowledge” and “I’d like to hear what he has to say.” Then, when the conversation went to the next logical question, does that mean he’ll vote with the Democrats to have witnesses at Trump’s Senate impeachment trial, he says, “time will tell.” So, in Romney speak what this translates as is, “I’m going to sound bi-partisan and rational for about ten seconds, clock it, then I’m going back to being vague and hiding in a shell, just like McConnell has done all these years, until it’s safe to come out.”

Romney is called Mittens, not just because of his name, but because he’s a lightweight. He’s got no punch, because he’s got no spine. Mittens is suited to be a courtier in palace intrigues. He seems to be captivated by the Machiavellian doings of politics. But he’s not in politics for the right reasons, which is to actually take a stand and make life better for his constituents. In other words, he’s a typical Republican, out for himself. Although since Mittens is from wealth, he’s not in the same league with Pence, Rubio, Nunes and the rest of them, who are not only there for self-interest, but for any buck they can kipe along the way.

If saving the republic comes down to the likes of Romney, Collins, Murkowski and Gardner, I frankly fear for us. Murkowski is probably the only one who can be relied upon, and I say that guardedly, and Gardner may decide that in blue Colorado, his best chances for survival lie in a bi-partisan vote. Collins I have no faith whatsoever in, and as to Romney? He will only vote when everybody else has, and the coast is clear. When he can stay nice and safe, then and only then will he do the right thing — and he’ll have you believing that that was his intention, and moreover, that it was his idea in the first place, all along. Today’s comment is tomorrow’s soundbite — depending on what the others do. Mittens goes whichever way the wind blows. He’s not a leader. That said, I could deal with him in office a lot better than the Republican we’ve got. At least he’s not nuts. Standards in presidential politics have fallen drastically.

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His arse has so many slots on it from all the positions he’s had sitting on the fence it’s getting rediculous. FFS grab a view and stick with it dude, don’t wiggle around, grow a pair


Hahahahahaha, I love the analogy. So true! It’s so irritating and annoying, I can’t listen.