Mitt Romney Jumps On Bolton-as-Witness Bandwagon

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Gage Skidmore / Flickr

This is vintage Mittens.

Now it’s “us.” Romney is part of the “us” that thinks that John Bolton should be heard from. As if it was his idea all along. But even though it’s a day late and a dollar short, and classic Romney fence sitting, we’ll take what we can get. This is good news.

More good news: Lindsey Graham abruptly cancelled a press conference scheduled for this morning. That is yet another weather vane reading, showing that the wind has changed direction.

More good news, still: Conservative columnist Byron York wants Bolton to testify. This is no small thing. York writes for the Washington Examiner, a very pro-Trump paper — at least at one time — plus he’s a Fox News contributor, plus he authored a book called “The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.” When a guy with credentials like this is saying game over on suppressing the Bolton testimony, it just might be game over.

We can’t agree more. It isn’t every day I see eye to eye with the Washington Examiner, but this is the second time in one week. The first time was when an op/ed writer praised Rep. Hakeem Jeffries to the skies for his summation of the impeachment trial, and now this.

This feels like a baseball game when somebody hits a homer in the bottom of the eighth. Dare we hope to actually turn this game around and win?

It’s a good sign that Romney is claiming that hearing Bolton’s testimony was his idea all along. Romney never skates out on the ice alone. He only commits to something when it’s already a fait accompli and the entire crowd is on board. Then he claims it was his idea in the first place. This is a very good sign indeed.


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