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I love that old phrase, “Karma is a bitch, and she’s back in heat.” And never do I love it more than when karma has a chance to take a nice, big, fat bite outta Yertl the Turtle’s ass, and by extension his Inglorious Basterd as well.

 Mitch McConnell, as well as the rest of the GOP has a big problem. He knows it, and so does everybody else with a (R) after their name except for Der Gropinfuror. Trump doesn’t know it simply because it doesn’t immediately appear that it will affect him personally, and we all know that if it doesn’t directly impact Trump, it doesn’t exist in his fanciful little make believe world., 

The problem is that their brand new, shiny tax law is a steaming pile of dog shit. The Affordable Care Act took about 17 months to create before it was finally voted on. It had more hearings than a Hollywood divorce case, more expert witnesses than the OJ Simpson trial, and enough committee meetings to run a fair size charity full time. And even with all of that, due to the restrictions of the reconciliation process that was used, it still had glitches that needed to be legislatively repaired once the bill was signed into law.

The Republicans threw this tax bill together with the speed of a mother slopping cereal and milk into a bowl because her kid is going to be late for the school bus. There wasn’t one, single public hearing held, not one expert witness called, the markup voterama was a joke, and the GOP crafted it with zero Democratic input or support. The process was such a shitshow that the GOP House couldn’t even pass the proper bill the first time, and had to vote on it again in correct form the next day. Conservative estimates are that there are anywhere from three to six major glitches that must be legislatively fixed in the first year to keep the new law from melting down in unintended directions by the time the first year tax filing deadline under the new rules rolls around.

Here’s where karma comes in, and never to a more deserving recipient. With the ACA, President Obama and the Democrats tried to actually improve the lives of more than 20 million Americans. They had solicited input from the Republicans at every step to improve the bill and make it more workable. Not only did the GOP refuse to participate, but when the time came to fix the broken parts, Mitch McConnell made it his personal vendetta to prevent the fixes from being enacted. Those fixes were required because reconciliation restricts what can be in the bill, and logistical and mechanics are not allowed in many cases. Even with the fixes, the bill would not have been perfect, but the system would have run as intended, and the end result would have been a vast improvement in the system, and the care that people received under it. But McConnell obstructed every bill to fix it, using delaying tactics, and filibustering every attempt to enact the needed changes. And then celebrated the difficulties of the system u working properly, and ran on its perceived failure to get control of the House and the Senate back.

Who did the GOP try to help with their tax bill? 20 million American citizens? Not even close, they tried to help a relative handful of uber rich shitpokes, and greedy multi national corporations. You know, Republican donors. Even there they fucked up! The original bill had a flaw in it that negated something like 80% of the benefits for the rich shitpokes, and they had to yank it back into committee to rewrite it before voting on it. Little wonder that the way they wrote the measly portions that benefit the “little people” need to be fixed before the whole thing blows away like a house of cards with the libing room window left open in a thunderstorm.

Mitch McConnell owns this horror show. And I only hope and pray that Chuck Schumer has the balls to obstruct and filibuster every last fix that McConnell brings up to try to fix the goddamn thing. The longer the law sits there, the more the weaknesses and flaws will be exposed, especially the ones that affect the people that, you know, like actually vote and stuff? And the more the media reports on it, the louder the public howls will be for McConnell and Ryan to fix it. The Democrats can’t be blames here. When McConnell bawls his beady little eyes out about Democratic obstruction, all Chuck Schumer has to say is, “Hey! The Republicans passed this POS without Democratic support, let them fix it without Democratic support.” One of two things will inevitably happen. Either Trump, McConnell, Ryan, and the rest of the GOP majority will be saddled with a dysfunctional law, just like the ACA, and be crucified for it in 2018 and 2020, or Chuck Schumer will exact a bitter ransom on things like repairing the ACA and immigration reform, including DACA, which will turn the rabid Trump base against them.  You made this bed Mitch, now take a nice long nap in it.

Take my word for it, we’re gonna be hearing about Trump’s tax giveaway for a long time yet, and it’s not gonna be GOP victory laps. As Michael Buffer always likes to shout from the middle of the boxing ring at Caesar’s Palace, “LLLLLLLLLLLLET’S get ready to RUUUUUUUUUUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!”

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