Mitch McConnell is toxic in every single Senate battleground

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s favorability ratings in all 50 states:


As noted last week, McConnell is far more unpopular than Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 27-58 favorability ratings, versus 40-53, respectively. McConnell is a net-18 points more unpopular. There’s no doubt that his refusal to pass another stimulus bill in response to our national calamity is having an effect.

In the Senate battlegrounds:

STATE Mitch McConnell favorables NET
ARIZONA 27-58 -31
COLORADO 24-63 -38
GEORGIA 32-52 -20
IOWA 29-55 -26
KANSAS 29-52 -23
MAINE 22-63 -41
MONTANA 32-51 -19

Those are cartoonishly bad numbers, with Republican South Carolina’s net -19 favorability rating being McConnell’s best results.

Of these states, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Maine, and North Carolina are the top-tier races, and all are -20 or worse net favorables for McConnell. He really is toxic. Yet Democrats have never gone after him the way Republicans have tried to use Pelosi to scare voters into voting for them.

Instead, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of New York has been going off on this weird kick about Herbert Hoover.

It’s clear that someone over in the Senate is really into this Hoover framing, thinking it has juice. But, most Americans aren’t over 100 years old. What’s next, tying Republicans to Grover Cleveland?

And it’s not just Schumer, unfortunately.

Several other Senate Democrats have amplified that archaic “Hoover” attack.

So here’s an idea: instead of using a boogeyman from nearly a century ago, why not use the one that is relevant today.

Make Mitch McConnell the running mate of every Republican running for Senate. Tie them together. Make them best friends. Soul mates, even! Because America knows that McConnell’s priorities aren’t their priorities. And so people need to be clear: a vote for a Republican in a Senate race is a vote for McConnell.

That’s not a choice Republicans can win.

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We have a new invention called a search engine and this can be used to look up Herbert Hoover and find out where the Comparison comes from, easy pesy


Glad ro see Maine agrees with me. This is also a reflection on susie
mitch is a parasite


I csn hear Trump’s diehards. “What’s a hoover?”

chris whitley
chris whitley

McConnell is scum! Actually come to think 🤔 about it. McConnell would need a ladder to climb up to scum.