Mitch McConnell: Canary in a Coal Mine, or Just a Criminal?

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I was struck in my tracks when I saw George (Mr. Kellyanne) Conway had started an anti-Trump club inside the Federalist Society recently. Huffingtonpost called these guys in the Society, “a highly influential group of ultra-conservative lawyers.” After asking myself, when was the last time we saw a group of big-shot conservatives stand up to Trump(?), I called relatives and friends saying I thought the dam had broken, they were starting to turn on him, and maybe we were finally looking at the end of this presidency.

Then just a few days later we get, not just anyone from the Supreme Court, but the Main Activist Conservative Justice, John Roberts, also jumping into the fray and pushing back on Trump’s Mussolini act. And did I mention Roberts is intimately connected to the Federalist Society, too?

As far as I understand it this group plays a big role in setting the conservative agenda. And we know what kind of crap Roberts is capable of–and responsible for (think: Citizens United).

So now my brain is saying because these big shots are speaking out for the first time, this has got the-end-is-probably-very-near-for-our-Third-World-Cadet-Leader written all over it. And as soon as Mitch McConnell starts bucking Trump we’ll all know for sure it’s a done deal and coming soon.

Except…Mitch isn’t saying anything. I know he takes his orders from the puppet-masters, so why is he being so quiet now, is my big question. And I think it may be what others here have been reporting for much of the past two years: he’s up to his eyeballs in illegal money-taking from Russia, too.

From The Nation:

“Moreover, it seems that the Republican leadership was at the very least aware of this possibility, amused by it, and did nothing whatsoever to alert the public or any relevant authorities. They were happy to enjoy the benefits of Russian interference and said so openly among themselves. Similarly, as the Post reported, when Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell was informed of Russian interference in September 2016 in a meeting with President Obama and other senior officials, he threatened to cast any public announcement of the threat as partisan politics. It’s not a stretch to say McConnell deliberately undermined national security for partisan advantage, a decision that has paid off with the signing of a massive tax cut for the wealthy and the looming establishment of a durable right-wing majority on the Supreme Court.


1) Republicans must realize Trump can’t be a productive contributor any more to their world domination schemes. He’s given them two Supreme Court Justices and a tax cut for the richest, and he’s about done.

2) he’s the BIG reason for their historic mid-term shellacking.

3) his optics are going from worse to even worse (Whitaker, caravan, Saudi Arabia, crapping ceaselessly on the military, etc.). And he’s starting to lose some in his base.

4) the Federalists, including Chief Justice Roberts, have him now on their shit list.

And yet, Mitch McConnell isn’t standing up to Trump, even though his higher-ups are.

I think and pray–for the good of our country–that the reason is, he’s looking in the mirror and seeing an orange jumpsuit in his very near future.

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Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

don’t even give him orange, give him grubby ass grey.