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You can’t really blame Donald Trump for thinking he’s invincible. When you can lie with impunity, and pay no price for it, why mess with success, right? When your campaign centerpiece, the vaunted wall, couldn’t get funding if it washed windshields on a street corner, and the haters still love you, when you’ve had more affairs than the entire Hollywood colony, and the bible thumpers still sing to you every Sunday, and when your star achievement, your “middle class tax cuts” won’t but a family of four a dinner a week at McDonald’s, and you’re still in the low 40’s at the polls, who cares, right?

But you can’t pull off a scam like that all by yourself, you need professional help. In Trump’s case, that means a small army of media sycophants, to do one of two things. They either spin your failures as amazing successes to your great unwashed masses, or they blame “others,” in most cases Democrats, for your pathetic failures.This is what allows you to walk through the pigpen in your ofay white shoes, and your Jonas Nightengale white suit, and come out the other side without a speck of mud on you.

Which is kind of funny when you think about it, because, in order to keep your slavish Trombies happy, you gotta keep the conservative media happy, so they can spin the shit properly to your base. And right now, the biggest voices in conservative media are absolutely furious with Glorious Bleater.

Donald Trump hammered one theme in his campaign almost as much as the wall, and that was “No more stupid wars!” He blasted a past President of what is allegedly his own party for getting us slogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan. He bemoaned at length on the loss of blood and treasure, and swore that starting on day one, it would be “America First!” No more incursions into stupid wars in far flung places that most Americans couldn’t find on a global map if it was highlighted with a yellow sharpie.

But that means a fight with his voracious ego. Trump is a true to life, died in the wool New York hardass, a real tough guy. A while ago I nicknamed him “Don Cornholeone” in comic reference to Marlon Brando’s role in The Godfather. And Syria provided a perfect venue for Trump to show the world once and for all what a MMA killer he was, and Russia be damned. And now, today, it’s All Syria, All The Time on every network.

But to The Orange Julius’ utter amazement, he is not being greeted with rose petals and a laurel crown at his media stronghold, FOX News. The anchors at Cluster Fox are slapping Trump around like a tetherball over Syria. Laura Ingraham, desperate to get off of the subject of David Hogg, bent Trump over the fence post with a switch in her hand, taking out her frustrations on Sebastian Gorka in an interview;

“I guess it feels good because there are horrible things happening there,” Ingraham said. “But what do we really accomplish here tonight in Syria? This is not why Donald Trump got elected.”

It’s kind of hard for a guy who regularly wears his fathers Hungarian Nazi sympathizer pin to justify naked aggression, but he gave it his best shot. Tucker Carlson, on his show, also gave Trump’s decision two hearty thumbs down;

“This is clearly not something he ran on, and and it’s inconsistent with a lot of things that he’s said over the years,” Carlson said on Fox News before Trump’s announcement.

Only his live in proctologist, Sean Hannity, dared to compliment Da Prez for his “assertiveness.” Everybody else at Faux News threw rotten cabbages at him.

He didn’t fare any better on the radio side either. As The Daily Beast reports, Coulter took to Trump’s favorite venue, Twitter, to predict dire forecasts for Hair Twitler if this nonsense continues;

Ann Coulter spent the evening retweeting criticism of the strike, remarking on Twitter that former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe might beat Trump in 2020 “if you promised no more ‘stupid wars.’”

This is not the kind of blind adulation from his faithful trumpet blowers that Trump was looking for. Conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage also took to social media to take a 2X4 to trump’s head, and even added a yummy image from dinner to his Twitter live stream;

Man, now that is harsh! Nothing quite like showing a plate of BBQ beans while you blast your President to make your point. Savage also tweeted “We lost. War machine bombs syria. No evidence Assad did it. Sad warmongers hijacking our nation” A look at Savage’s recent Twitter feed shows that he has been consistent on this topic. He also tweeted outrage at Trump even thinking about bombing Syria, as well as his threatening to do it over Twitter.

But the cruelest cut of all may well have come from his faithful lap dog over at Infowars, Alex Jones. Jones was literally reduced to tears, one of his favorite shticks, as he angrily proclaimed, “Fuck Trump, and fuck these fucking people;”

This could be a serious problem for Trump. Trump may well be his own best messenger, over Twitter, but he also relies heavily on his faithful media, to give gravitas and approval to his tweets, as well as to get the word out to the faithful that may not have a deep footprint on social media. They, and they alone, are his most effective foil against the “lyin’ mainstream media.” Trump struck a very raw, and very effective nerve in the campaign, speaking directly to a war weary nation, sick of seeing their money, their sons, and their daughters, sent overseas to die, by promising an end to frivolous foreign entanglements. If the right wing media establishment brands Trump as just another lying warmonger, this could spell real problems for not only Trump, but for the already struggling GOP in the upcoming November election. It will be both interesting, and possibly quite enlightening, to see what El Rushbo has to say about this Monday morning, especially if Trump orders another strike over the weekend.

And His Lowness is ready to do it again, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley stated that the US is “locked and loaded” on Syria. But Trump can’t do this for long. Hitting Syria has nothing to do with the war on ISIS, and finding any kind of realistic justification to the existing Authorization for the Use of Military Force is going to be a stretch. If Trump wants to keep hammering at Syria for an extended period of time, or God forbid, add boots on the ground, congress is going to clamor for him to ask for a new AUMF. And if the right wing media brings anti war sentiment to a boil, causing Republican constituents to hammer their representatives against giving Trump any more license, his chances of getting us bogged down into yet another fruitless morass greatly diminish.

We should start to get an early feel for the damage in 6-10 days, that’s about the lag time from an event until the first polls taken entirely after the event start to come in. If Trump’s poll numbers take a noticeable hit a week or so from now, I think we can safely chalk it up to the Syria raid, and the right wing media response to it, especially if they continue to hammer the point. Buckle in, this shit is just getting started.


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