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In a smirking exchange with reporters, Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in which Pompeo was just asked whether his State Department will be cooperating with the the transition team of President-elect Joe Biden. Pompeo’s response: “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.”

Pompeo, an arch-conservative ex-House Republican who refused to testify to Congress about impeachable acts by Donald Trump that he himself was involved in, chose to give the answer of a corrupt autocrat’s lackey rather than defend this nation’s elections. By falsely calling Trump’s loss into question, each statement like this one escalates the likelihood of domestic terrorism by Trump’s addled base.

Pompeo filled the remainder of his answer with platitudes about the election process, world confidence in American government, and similar bromides—like other Republicans, Pompeo seems content to humor Trump’s orders that Biden not yet be acknowledged as the winner. That it undermines our democracy and poses very real risks of violence and terrorism seems of no concern to him.

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