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This resident in the congressional district which Mike Pence used to represent in Indiana isn’t saying anything here that we don’t already know, but he does say what everybody needs to hear about Mike Pence. He is no savior waiting in the wings, he’s just a different flavor of GOP disaster. New York Times:

To the Editor:

For months I’ve been hearing comments, often from President Trump’s most ardent opponents, that in spite of the turmoil our country is in, fear not because Vice President Mike Pence is merely an impeachment vote or resignation away from the presidency. These folks should visit Indiana, where Mr. Pence served as governor for four years, and in my congressional district we were subjected to 12 years of Mr. Pence as our representative.

During his time as governor, Mr. Pence was the most divisive leader this state had ever seen. If he had not accepted Mr. Trump’s offer to be his running mate, he most likely would have lost a bid for a second term.

Make no mistake: Mike Pence is little different from his boss. He wears a smile on his face and his religion on his sleeve, but a President Pence would be no relief from what this nation is going through right now.


Thank you for the truth of your experience with Mike Pence, Mr. Diercks. You outta know.

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